Preeti Bhosale, Mumbai

Preeti Bhosale, Mumbai

I want to express my sincere appreciation for the professional care given to my dad – Dedicated to Dr. Vatsal.

Hands-down one of the best doctors and human beings. A highly experienced, excellent doctor whose medical knowledge is encyclopedic. He is next to God, a blessing to my family, who handled my dad’s case patiently with prompt diagnosis and gave him a second life. My dad has Myasthenia Gravis and was in crisis when Dr. Vatsal diagnosed his rare autoimmune disease, which other specialists had failed to. He explained the condition and the treatment to be followed in detail.

A very polite, humble person and his positivity can cure anything. His team comprising of Dr. Sweta, Dr. Sunil, Dr. Salaah, Dr. Dushyant, Dr. Vijay, Dr. Bhushan, and Dr. Smita, and the entire staff are equally courteous and dedicated to patient care.

Dr. Vatsal and his team is always available to answer all queries at any given hour of the day. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and I am very thankful for the care when we need you.
Thank you, Dr. Vatsal from my whole family. Thanks for always being there!!!


Best Regards,
Preeti Bhosale