Ravi Narayanan, Mumbai

Ravi Narayanan, Mumbai

During a short corporate sports day program, I had ended up injuring myself while playing football.

The nature of injury while falling itself indicated that the injury was not the routine normal twisting of the ankle, as usually the case is. The MRI scan indicated a third degree tear of the anterior ligament. It was through my corporate reference that I took an appointment with Dr Shreyas Gajjar at Kokilaben Hospital.

Dr Gajjar not only surprised me with his consummate knowledge of the subject matter but with the measured detailed explanation of the injury & the entire physiology of the affected area...of course add to that his young age doubly helped in disarming me . Of course, he added the phrase ACL - Anterior Cruciate Ligament - in my lexicon forever!!!

The surgery was decided as the optimal long term solution, but more importantly Dr Gajjar made me feel like a true footballer by mentioning that this ACL is routine footballing injury sustained by the Premier League professionals...!!! Actually, it was his way of putting me at ease, for that was something a patient truly cherishes from his doctor.

Kokilaben Hospital is one of the finest in terms of professionalism and I can definitely vouch for it and more than me , my wife too will certify. The 3 days we had to be there through the pre & post surgery time, was one of exemplary care & personal satisfaction.

Dr Gajjar ensured that we sailed through the 6 weeks of regular follow through visits & physiotherapy sessions.

Not for a moment will I downplay the seriousness of the injury & the trauma of post-surgery recovery. But it is here that the personal touch yet a professional meticulousness of your consulting surgeon/doctor, comes to your aid.

All in all, Dr Gajjar and his approach to such injuries, scores very high in my scoreboard.
Truly a competent medical professional.