Ravinder Jolly

Ravinder Jolly


I thought I should place on record the excellent services rendered by Dr.Kothari and his team during my several visits and stays at the hospital because of my illness. The personal service and warmth coupled with immediate attention and care rendered by him and his team touched, moved and inspired us.

I recall an incident when we had informed the hospital we were coming immediately because of my sudden illness. To our family's surprise and astonishment, when we reached the hospital, the entire team consisting of Dr. Kothari, Dr. Sweta and his staff were readily present to receive us when we reached the hospital. It was the moment of truth for us to receive so much attention and personal care. I recall several incidents where so much love, affection, care and warmth of the team enveloped us and could probably spend hours writing about such incidents. For a family ridden with so much anxiety, the hospital was really a home away from home.

My family and I can never ever forget the warm greetings in the morning, the tender care during the entire day and the loving good byes at night. Thanks Dr. Kothari, Dr. Sweta and the team members for being such awesome human beings and ensuring that selfless services were rendered.

All of us in the Jolly family have no hesitation in recommending your hospital to anyone in need since we are more than confident that your services are par excellence.

God bless and heartfelt thanks.