Rishikesh Salunkhe, Mumbai

Rishikesh Salunkhe, Mumbai

I had a complete ACL tear and medial meniscus tear in year 2014.As the injury was new to me, never heard about it, so my family got very scared that at age of 19, I have to undergo knee surgery and in the fear visited a series of Orthopedic doctors in Mumbai to avoid surgery, but every doctor came to the conclusion to have a surgery. None of the doctors were keen to explain about the injury,future recovery,sports comeback, but very much interested in having a go at surgery (even one of the senior doctors in Lower Parel, who suggested a surgery during my exams).

But then I started searching on internet about the procedure, and one day heard about sports medicine at Kokilaben hospital,doctor named Shreyash Gajjar. On the first visit itself he explained me every bit of the procedure, about the rehab and sports comeback. He was very friendly and positive, gave an assurance that I will be able to play sports after the proper rehab. Me and Dr.Gajjar planned a date for surgery after the exams in 2015. The surgery was successful, the rehab procedure was excellent Dr.Gajjar was very supportive during this phase. And I recovered completely and resumed my sports activities after 1 year of proper rehab.

Even now after 2 years when I visited him for my mom knee issue, he was very happy to see me, asked me whether his assistant doc had called me on phone between 2 years for inquiry of my knee, asked me about my sports activities, checked my knee and gave few good advices.

A big thanks to Dr.Gajjar for his caring, friendly nature and professional knowledge.

I would recommend him with confidence. A full 5 star to him for his work.