Rustom Irani

Rustom Irani

A serious medical emergency is one which sends shivers thru the spine, literally a broken one. When my wife had a bad fall and after basic investigations when we consulted Dr Abhijit Pawar, the enormity of the problem she faced dawned upon us. It is impossible for the human spirit to accept the fact that your body could be facing a catastrophic shutdown. But to fight and win such a battle, you need a messiah to work a miracle and for us it was Dr Abhijit Pawar.

From our first meeting where he put us at ease by explaining the need for and the surgical procedure to be adopted and precautions which would be taken, to the actual surgery where thru a Minimally Invasive Surgical technique and advanced Robotics assistance using the latest in Medical technology, Dr Pawar fixed an extremely complex Burst fracture L2 vertebrae with utmost professionalism and skill and in the process left us indebted forever.

My wife sat up in bed the next day, walked with assistance by evening and was 90% pain free by day 4. She is now at home and doing so many of the things she loves, while she is firmly on the path to recovery.

The amazing hospital care at Kokilaben DA hospital, contributed to our sense of being taken care of by the best in the medical profession thru its par excellence team of medical support staff (nurses, dieticians, helpers, cleaning staff and others).

Thank you Dr Abhijit Pawar for being there for us, taking our calls at such late hours, seeing us late evening on a weekend and for the surgical excellence which you executed so brilliantly.