Sandeep Gholkar G.M. - International Sales

Sandeep Gholkar G.M. - International Sales

Dear Dr Badhwar, Mr Yadav,

At the outset thank you very much for a great surgery.

I was suffering with heavy snoring for more than 10 years. Few years ago, one of my friends recorded my snoring on his cell (file enclosed). He had warned me that I should get the ailment treated asap as he felt it was serious. I was not aware about the term Sleep Apnoea at that time.

During long journeys by train and by air, my snoring used to be a serious embarrassment when the travelling neighbors used to wake me up impatiently.

During the last twelve months, the snoring got combined with another major problem – saliva entering into the windpipe. At 11 pm I used to pray to god for a good non obstructive sleep (specially due to this new issue). I used to keep on watching movies/news till 2 am with the fear of this new problem.

Then came a day when I decided to meet the Doctor. This courage and motivation came due to our General Manager HR Mr Satheesh Vengoli who gave me a strong emotional support (I never had - had any surgery in my life). Satheesh suggested me to visit Kokilaben hospital.

I underwent various diagnosis tests under the supervision of Dr Badhwar ENT Surgeon of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital for about a month and later decided 10th Oct 2013 as the date of surgery. The surgery went off so successful (trilliona of thanks to Dr Badhwar) that today within a month, am back to 100% normal life. Dr Neepa and Mr Yadav were very supportive during the preliminary investigations as well as post operative care.

The quality of sleep and therefore life has now improved substantially, no snoring, no saliva entry into windpipe and no tiredness during the working hours and I can get up at 6 am without an alarm,

I am thankful to Dr Badhwar and his team for giving me a new life.

Last but not the least I wish to also convey my sincere thanks to the Anaesthetist Dr Harshal Wagh. An anaesthetist is a person to whom you talk at the most crucial time in the OT just before you fall sleep. The courage and comfort given by Dr Wagh at that crucial moment was exemplary.

Thanks again to all of you.

Warm Regards,

Sandeep Gholkar

G.M. - International Sales