Shalmalee Joshi

Shalmalee Joshi


Dr. Pardiwala
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital

I should have written this letter a long time ago. It is almost late now, but as they say, it's better late than never.

We always say that in the olden days people used to believe in a lot of superstitions. And one of those was the belief that doctors were Gods. This used to be highlighted through the people's behaviour. There was a lot of respect for the doctors and it showed in actions like carrying the doctor's case when with him.

Times have changed. Most of the superstitions have gone away. But people still worship God. Especially when they are not well. And after being fit again they thank their God.
When I had my accident on 23rd March I was nothing short of devastated. I wasn't even able to stand on my feet. My mind was buzzing with unanswered questions. Would I walk again? Could I ever be totally fit? And importantly I had no idea about what would become of my career and passion of flying.

But you solved all of those questions and so well!
For you, I am just one of your many patients. But for me you are life-saver. You have given me back everything.
The person who solves your problems is God. Call it a superstition or not...
Thank you very very much...