Subham Chatterjee, Bengaluru

Subham Chatterjee, Bengaluru

I had suffered an ACL tear in my knee in 2012 and had undergone the surgery by Dr. Shreyas Gajjar. Dr. Gajjar was extremely professional and I recovered within no time. He also ensured personally that I was feeling better after the surgery and during my physiotherapy.

It's been 6 years now and today I am an amateur long distance runner having run many half marathons, hoping to graduate to full marathons soon.

In a recent visit to him regarding a shoulder sprain, I was quite astounded when he could remember me and asked me about my knee, even though its been 6 years!

He was so happy to learn that I am able to run such distances. Just goes to show how passionate he is to his job and how caring to his patients.

Would absolutely recommend him to anyone as one of the best orthopaedic doctor in the city!!