Sunil Chaturvedi, Mumbai

Sunil Chaturvedi, Mumbai

This is to show my gratitude to KDAH and Dr Abhay Kumar Neurosurgeon in particular for the difference he made in bringing happiness to my wife Rita Chaturvedi and my family.

It's just a year back, same time, when My wife Rita was having problems in comprhension and we went to Dr Dean Creado , who suggested a Brain scan , and she was diagnosed with a brain tumour (meningioma). She was admitted on 11th jan 2014(KH1000229403) under Dr Abhay Kumar. As soon as we met him, we were so impressed by his forthringht approach and trusting manner that we were blessed to be in his care. He has GODOTIC arms and fingers(KDH boasts of Robotic machines!), with such expertise, he makes most difficult surgeries look so comforting and easy! with minimum non invasive interventions, he removed the offending meningioma and by 17th Rita was discharged ! She remained on his advises and till now, she is absolutely back to her normal alert cheerful ways !

We bless Dr Abhay and his team of nurses from heart and shall remain indebted to him for life !

God Bless,

Sunil Chaturvedi

Director SPP School of Pharmacy & Tech Management
NMIMS Mumbai