Sursinh Chad

Sursinh Chad

On 16/04/2021 at age 81 immediately after my (SURSINH JAMNADAS CHAD) admission in your hospital, to treat 'Corona 19' a Medical Team LED by Dr. VASTAL KOTHARI (Director Critical Care Medicine} began investigation & medication. They took timely steps to initiate my positive response.

During my 3 weeks long stay as required a coordination between fellow Team Doctors was organised by Dr. SWETA SINGH and in response Dr. AMIT V. RAODEV and Dr. SOURABH J. PHADTARE (Both Cri. Cr Med.) attended me regularly with proper guidance.

Both Dr. VATSAL KOTHARI & Dr. SWETA SINGH keeping a constant watch on my medical condition continued shifting my ICU/wards with boosting my confidence during visits every night, together with expert counselling suitable to my age.

To do away with other suspicious problems Dr. SWETA SINGH also arranged timely visits and expert advised from Dr. SHARAD SHETH (Nephrology) and Dr. SANJIV BADHWAR (ENT) who made sure no other reactions/ailments arise on my medical radar. This was an outstanding decision for my unobstructed recovery.

(UHID 152553)
13 days into my KH stay - unknown to me - my wife SADHANA SURSINH CHAD (79) was also admitted for 'Corona 19' on 29/04/2021 and the same medical team swung into quick action with full resources.

Dr. SWETA SINGH arranged for expert advised from Dr. SHARAD SHETH (Nephrology) and Dr.NISHA KALMAL (Endocrinology) on my wife's health. It was very humanitarian of Dr. VATSAL KOTHARI and Dr. SWETA SINGH of keeping us informed of each other's condition - once our family Dr. NARENDRA V. TOPRANI informed them our relation.

With effective treatment we were on recovery path and Dr. SWETA SINGH took extra ordinary action in shifting us to common ward (11040/41) when available, so as to raise our confidence.

SHE was always co-operative and responding to every query at any hour from our family Dr. N. Toprani and discuss our conditions on conference call with him at 10.30 pm daily.

On satisfactory conditions we both were discharged by your "BEST" team on 07/05/2021 after actual practicing & implementing 'VISION' & 'MISSION' of KDAH by all concerned. WE SALUTE ALL.

NOW BY GRACE OF GOD our children are taking care as instructed.