Swaroop Shetty

Swaroop Shetty


I am no stranger to the excellent and bench mark setting medical treatment &  patient care that forms the very DNA of patient experience at Kokilaben.But,Covid impacted everyone and everything in different ways. I went through Covid in the first two weeks of December 2021.

I was admitted under the care of the supremely talented & our personal superhero Doctor Vatsal Kothari& his team.

Hospitalised & all alone,I could only empathise with how others may have suffered while going through this ailment. But, I am blessed beyond measure because I was taken care of at this amazing institution.

While I recovered under the care of who me & my family consider the very best in the medical profession: Doc VMK & his team, I must put on record that Doctor Sweta has been at the top of her game. Ever vigilant & always  on point ,she is a guardian angel.

The entire medical & nursing staff manning the covid floor are doing an excellent job. They are professional and at the same time warm & full of empathy.I was taken care of with meticulousness laced with personal attention.

My special thanks & many blessings to Doctors :Devika ,Abhijeet, Mehek & Kshitij.

Nursing staff: Amlu, Kripa,Alfie,Mrinal , Joe Mol, Aishwarya, Merisha,Honey& Lakshmi

Ward- girls : Manda, Sony & Shraddha.

Ward-boys: Shehzad & Ram Appa.

Special mention: Nurse Reshma from ICU.

The housekeeping & sanitisation team did their job with thoroughness but always made it a point to check in on me.I never felt lonely or forgotten while in quarantine away from my family.


My special dietary needs were attended to with precision & a ear for what would make feel comforted by the F&B team. Special thanks & gratitude to Ramkrishna Acharya.

Further ,when I moved to the ward on the 14th floor, my experience was just as good.

Special thanks & blessings to Doctor Aradhana.

Special thanks & blessings  to nursing staff : Elizabeth, Athira, Simran & Merlyn.

Special thanks to Ward boys: Dhananjay & Purushottam Pradhan.

I place on record  my deep gratitude & appreciation for each and everyone at the hospital who have played a part however big or small in helping me come out of Covid.


May you always find grace & May the blessings of the almighty rain down on you & yours .

My best wishes for a blessed & healthy 2022.