Swatantra and Prateeksha Pandey

Swatantra and Prateeksha Pandey

Respected all

Thanks to Hospitality and care provided by Kokilaben Hospital. After 4 miscarriages we have almost lost the faith that one day we will become parents in future.

It was 14th August 2015 when meet 1st time to Dr Pandit mam. We have gone through as per the advice. Due to short cervix it was difficult to carry on the pregnancy till nine month and as per the USG report it was clear that it can continue maximum 29weeks, then as per the advice of Dr. Pandit Mam, she (Prateeksha) has taken full bed rest and carry on pregnancy up to 37 weeks. It prove the miracle due to right advice at right time. After the taking full bed rest it was also next to impossible to have normal delivery and then again miracle done by Pandit mam and her team to give us the baby through normal delivery on 11.03.2016

It is the blessings of god that we have a doctor's like Dr. Suchitra Pandit in our society. It was also wonderful that mam has created such good team who can take care of its patients.

And last but not the least Dr. Pandit mam is very precious assset of Kokilaben Hospital.

We are very thankful to Kokilaben hospital for providing best treatment we needed. During our stay in hospital we never feel that we are in hospital as we feel always like home.

Thanks for everything from the bottom of my heart.

Swatantra and Prateeksha Pandey