Vibha Rakesh Nayudu, Mumbai

Vibha Rakesh Nayudu, Mumbai

Dear Dr Shama Kovale,

I want to thank you and convey my heartfelt gratitude for the medical care and counsel that you have provided for my chronic ear problem.

Since almost 8 years I had suffered from a recurring problem of ear discharge for which I was taking Ayurvedic treatment. A CT Scan and MRI in 2015 diagnosed my problem as Cholesteatoma, which had severely aggravated further due to oral Ayurvedic remedies I was trying for all these years.

The 3 hour long surgery that you have done on my ear have totally cured my problem, its been 2 years since the surgery and my condition seems to have been totally cured.

Thanks a lot for your wonderful medical care and advice.


Vibha Nayudu