Vivek Jain, India

Vivek Jain, India

I am writing this mailer as a note of thanks and gratitude to KDMH and it's staff towards the services that they delivered in times of distress.

My mother (Renuka Jain) was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1st week of April.
We in distress started hunting out all the possible options of treatment including zeroing in on cities and hospitals to where to go.

While cities we had 2 options Delhi (where our most of relatives also live) & Mumbai (a no relative and hardly local friends zone). On advice of higher professionalism and listening to the accessibility of doctors we decided to go to Mumbai rather then Delhi (and trust me we never regretted it.)

We were referred to Dr. Mandar Nadkarni by 1 of our friend and the fact of accessibility came true, as soon as we messaged him he gave us an appointment and we met him the next day.

We had to stay in Mumbai for 21 days for
1. Numerous examinations
2. Report showing
3. Breast cancer Surgery
4. Chemo port insertion
5. Healing up of wounds &
6. For 1st Chemo &
7. Subsequent Chemo plan.
This is when we come to know how excellent the staff is.

Dr. Nadkarni treatment had 4 additional qualities which we don't see much in doctors of his level.
1. He is and always was approachable. (We decided right after his 3 word SMS after landing in Mumbai that we are going to KDMH)
2. He picks up the phone and clears every patients doubts.
3. He himself asks that whether the patients have any queries. (And if anybody forgets which is common when you face a doctor, you can ask him again.
4. He dials you back in case he sees someone call. (In case of non mumbai patients who undergo prolonged treatment this is very assuring.)
Besides him Dr. Sandeep Goyal under whose supervision we received Chemo was always there to refer us to the doctors in Jaipur.

We were given accommodation completely for 20 days in guest rooms where Ms. Sonal ensured that we get separate beds and rooms with a view due to our prolonged stay.
And the rooms (which hardly were of Rs. 3250/day) carried cleanliness and hygiene upto the highest standards. They are a boon for Non Mumbai patients as they save a lot of travel time also.

2 other persons who were key parts of this were Anita & Riddhi who were at the desks of Dr. Mandar Nadkarni & Dr. Sandeep Goyle. They always informed us timely that when all is Dr. Nadkarni expected. Many a times they even told my mother proactively that she can go and rest above in the guest room as the doctor will be late. This indeed save us a lot of tim and energy. They even used to guide us as to the test centres their locations and the normal expected report generation times.

We can say that we can not have availed effectively the services of Dr. Nadkarni without both of their proactive help.
Infact they even arranged for the timely filling of our cashless form too and were also helpful in filling the Airline & rail discount form (a facility to cancer patients)

On the other hand it so happened that when we took our 3rd chemo in Jaipur, my mother's port got infected and had to be removed.

We again went to Mumbai and post Dr. Nadkarni's meeting we reinserted the port (prarying that hope this doesn't gets infected this time.
And Needless to tell you that Riddhi & Anitaagain helped us although out the stay.

The nursing staff were also smiling and caring and even changed our room once when we were getting disturbed by a fellow patient.

When we were asked by Dr. Sandeep Goyle to take our 7th Chemo in Mumbai we were so happy with his care & with the hospital that we immediately agreed and I even gave a sample for my genomics risk assessment at the freedom camp because a trust had started building in our hearts for KDMH.

Had we lived in Mumbai then we would not had gone anywhere but would have taken everything there.

But yes, we anyhow thank them in person for all the care that we received and we will personally recommend to anybody who is in need of any help KDMH as a 1 point solution.

See you soon for 7th Chemo on 10th Sep. 2015.

Vivek Jain

PS: I am unable to recall the names of others like Liftman Mangesh, Report Collection officer Prajakta, the guards at entry gate who were smiling, cordial and always enquired as to how is she but yes a thanks to them also.