Breakthrough Cases

Dr. Anushumala Kulkarni: Doctors operate on the country’s largest parasitic fibroid weighing 5.5 kg

A 39 year old woman from Mumbai, with no severe symptoms, was in for a rude shock when she discovered that her enlarged abdomen was not excess fat, but a result of the parasitic fibroids that were developing in her intestines. A surgery conducted ...

Dr. Vibha Verma: ALPPS – Hope in a situation of Despair

A 45 year old male patient presented to Dr Vibha Varma with a diagnosis of liver cancer and he was told that he had inoperable disease and that nothing could be done. He presented with history of weakness and loss of appetite of one month duration...

Dr. Vidyadhar S. Lad: Aortic Dissection Surgery in Renal transplant patient

Aortic Dissection Surgery in Renal transplant patient. Extended septal myectomy with Mitral valve repair for patients with HOCM & severe Mitral Regurgitation. V-A ECMO, an advanced life support provided to patients with life threatenin...

Dr. Trupti Swapnil Pethkar

Successfully managed following cases- pheochromocytoma excision, Thymoma excision, Esophagectomies, Caesarean sections and Kidney transplants.

Dr. Sajeev Vengalath: Severely asphyxiated neonates

Many extreme preterm babies got discharged without any neurological deficit. Two cases of severely asphyxiated neonates after head cooling went home without any neurological problems.    

Dr. Prashant Borade: Successfully diagnosed and treated rare and complex cases

Successfully diagnosed and treated rare and complex case found in Indian subcontinent like ·  African trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness in a 46yrs old gentleman presenting from African continent for pyrexia of unknown origin ...

Dr. Prashant Bobhate: Abernathy malformation

Diagnosis and device closure of Abernathy malformation. Helping the patients with pulmonary hypertension, procure and import prostacyclins. (Only drugs which have shown to have mortality benefits, in patients with pulmonary hypertension)

Dr. Pradnya Gadgil: Epilepsy Surgery (Multilesional)

Case 1: Epilepsy Surgery (Multilesional) 16-year-old girl came to Dr Pradnya Gadgil from West Bengal with history of frequent seizures since 8 years age. She was experiencing seizures 3-5 times every week. She had suffered from brain injury wh...

Dr. Jaydeep Palep: Robotic Surgeries for Bariatric Surgeries

Robotic excision of pre coccygeal ganglioneuroma – young female patient, who was unable to conceive due to large pelvic mass. She has now delivered a healthy baby post surgery without any complications. Robotic excision of choledochal cyst...

Dr Shailesh N Kamkhedkar: Complex Cardiac Anaesthesia

Cardiac Anaesthesia for the procedure like complex and high risk CABG, Valve Replacement, Aortic Dissection, congenital heart diseases, complex cardio thoracic surgery Heart Transplant, ECMO and LVAD.

Dr. Avinash Date

Performed first time in India Star Plating for patellar fracture.  

Dr.(Mrs.) Sharada Ramesh Kankonkar

First Time in the country, Introduced HLA Molecular Typing using PCR Technology and detection of Panel Reactive Antibodies in Sensitized Patients  Pre- and Post  Renal Transplantation.

Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni

First reported case of fertility sparing surgery for cervical cancer (Radical trachelectomy) in India. This surgery was performed on a 4 yr old girl with cervical cancer. First reported case of Robotic assited Radical Trachelectomy in India.

Dr. Shreyash Gajjar - Arthroscopic Wrist Ligament Repair Surgery

The TFCC ligament of the wrist can be torn during sporting activities or  following fall. Whilst minor injury to the ligament recovers with Medications & Physiotherapy, complete tears if symptomatic require surgical treatment. Dr Gajjar perf...

Dr. Shreyash Gajjar - Arthroscopic Hip Labral (Ligament) Repair, Impingement Surgery

Labral tears of the Hip result from sporting activities or injury & present with hip pain especially during bending movements. Surgery may be indicated when the symptoms fail to resolve with medications & physiotherapy. Arthroscopic techniqu...

Dr. Santanu Sen: Tumour in 1 week old baby

Naveen(name changed for privacy of patient) was only 1 week old when his doctors told his devastated parents that he has a large tumour in his tummy. A lot of detailed tests including ultrasonography and CT scan of his abdomen confirmed the su...

Dr. Pranav Chadha

Base of Skull Chordoma-Excellent outcome > 5 years Ewing's skull parietal-temporal treated with Intensity Modulated Stereotactic Radiotherapy   Trigeminal Neuralgia refractory Cone based X Knife Stereotactic Radiosurgery Ca P...

Dr. Prannath Mehra: 2 successful heart transplants

Part of 2 successful heart transplant and one BIVAD implantation

Dr Darshana Sanghvi: Lesion localisation in surgery of refractory focal epilepsy

Collaboration with multidisciplinary epilepsy team for lesion localisation in surgery of refractory focal epilepsy. MRI guided acute stroke revascularisation therapy Intra – operative MRI for incremental resection of gliomas and pitu...

Dr. Seema Behl: Eye Injury due to tire burst

Mr Gautam Kamble - came to us with injury in right eye due to tire burst. His eye was painful, red and he could not see anything from that eye except some hand movements. He was extremely scared and sure that he will not be able to see from that e...