Dr. Gursev Sandlas: India’s 1st Robotic Intravesical Bilateral Ureteric Reimplantation

    A 12 year old boy from Jalgaon was brought by parents with complaints of frequent stomach aches. He was investigated in Jalgaon and found to have a unique and rare problem. He had a duplex system on the Right Kidney and a bilateral Vesico-Ureteric Reflux.

    In simple terms this means that he had two tubes draining his right kidney in to the bladder and the valves of the tubes on both sides was defective leading to backflow of urine from the bladder back towards the kidneys. This kind of REFLUX can cause kidney damage in long run. He was advised open surgery and even removal of the anomalous kidney. He researched on the internet and decided to seek a second opinion at KDAH with me. Given the complex nature of malformation we counselled the parents that an intravesical Robotic repair would be best suited to the child. In this repair the robotic arms were inserted inside his bladder and the entire surgery was carried out inside his bladder.

    The surgery was all the more challenging considering he had two ureters on the right side.

    He underwent the surgery on 7 Feb and is doing extremely well and on road to full uneventful recovery and has been discharged.

    This surgery is the first of its kind in India. Even around the world there are only a handful of centres who have even attempted this kind of procedure.