Dr. Shreyash Gajjar: Elbow Ligament Reconstruction for Dislocation

    On 14th March 2015, Dr Shreyash Gajjar was the 1st in India to perform this procedure using the Internal Brace technique.

    Elbow dislocation which results from fall or accidental injury results in tear of one or both of the joint's supporting ligaments - Medial & Lateral Collateral ligaments.
    This injury requires immediate medical treatment wherein the joint is reduced back in position. Whilst a minor form of this injury restores joint function with physiotherapy, in cases when the injury is severe, Elbow stability can only be restored with ligament reconstruction. Previously, patients own healthy tissue (tendon graft) from other areas i.e. knee joint was used for this procedure adding to donor site morbidity. However, a recent advance in technology is reconstructing these ligaments with strong suture materials (Internal brace technique) which provides excellent joint stability, function and eliminates use of patient's healthy tendon tissue.