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  • The Centre provides Full Time Emergency Medicine Specialists and Ambulance Services with critical life-saving equipment that ensures 24/7 care. The ambulances are manned by trained professionals and paramedics who can ensure immediate and expert help in any sorts of emergencies.
  • Seven specialist doctors are always available for immediate and evidence-based care.
  • The Protocols that are followed in cases of Acute Chest Pain and Strokes, are in line and often better, when benchmarked to international Clinical Care Pathways
  • The Hospital takes Trauma Care to another level altogether with its Rooftop Helipad. When commissioned, the Helipad will allow air ambulances to ferry patients in, thus saving time and lives to a much greater degree.
  • The Centre conducts regular teaching programs for professionals and ordinary citizens in first aid in an endeavour to extend medical services and help beyond the conventional realms as 'Community Outreach',. Thus more lives can be saved before medical experts take over.
  • The Centre conducts Certification Programs for doctors, nurses and paramedics that helps them keep abreast with the latest developments in the medical field.
  • In order to create a new generation of leaders in Emergency Medicine, the Centre has partnered with The George Washington University (GWU) and offers a three-year, Postgraduate Program in Emergency Medicine.

The 'KDAH' adheres very strictly to evidence-based treatment protocols. This results in not more than 0.7% of emergency cases requiring a revisit.

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