Day Care Hypospadias Surgery  Treatment in Mumbai

Day Care Hypospadias Surgery

Hypospadias as a clinical entity and as a surgical problem has beguiled the surgeons and the patients since time immemorial. Traditionally, Hypospadias surgery has had poor success rates and over the years it has been accepted that the treatment of Hypospadias should be done by a Surgeon Specializing in Hypospadias Surgery, namely a Hypospadiologist. Even now the surgery for Hypospadias in India involves a minimum of 7-10 days of Hospital stay even in the best of centres.

Kokilaben Hospital is one of the two centres in the world offering true Day-Care Hypospadias Surgery which does not involve sending the child home with a catheter. This not only reduces In hospital stay but also prevents additional stress on the child because of the catheter which can cause considerable discomfort and pain to the child.

At Kokilaben under the able hands of Dr. Gursev Sandlas we have developed a new technique of Catheterless Hypospadias surgery. Enough evidence exists now which proves that early Hypospadias surgery leads to better outcomes with lesser complication rate. Ideal age for Hypospadias age is around 6 months.The technique is unique in that no stent or catheter is placed in the Patient after surgery which ensures painless faster recovery. Typically a hypospadias patient goes home the same day or the next day. It has been possible because of changes in the technique of traditional hypospadias repair thus optimizing the surgical repair and ensuring successful repairs everytime. We also offer “Newborn Hypospadias Repair” where the child undergoes surgery the next day after birth. Both child and mother then go home together and need not visit hospital again for the surgery of the child.

Our results are comparable to the best in the world and we offer world-class Hypospadias Care with one of the lowest complication rates in the world.

So if your child has been advised a Hypospadias Surgery, do drop in for a Second opinion. Our specialized Hypospadias Clinic will ensure a wonderful experience and a faster uncomplicated recovery for your child.