Paediatric Endo-Urology

Though uncommon in the past, kidney and bladder stones in children have shown an exponential increase in incidence in the past decade. This could be attributed to changing life styles as well as dietary patterns to a large extent. Traditionally due to lack of equipment and expertise most of the kids were offered an open surgical procedure for the removal of these stones.

At Kokilaben Hospital under the able guidance of Dr. Gursev Sandlas we offer state of the Art solutions for Stones in the form of Paediatric Endo-Urology.

Endo-Urology basically involves use of sophisticated telescopes that are introduced through the natural orifices of the urinary tract for removal of stones. This technique ensures no external cuts on the body which translates to faster and pain free recovery for the child. Typically it is a day care procedure with a majority of children going home the same day having been relieved of their stone problem in the best possible way.

So if your child has a kidney or a bladder stone and has been advised surgery, visit Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital for cutting edge non surgical solution.

Dr. Gursev Sandlas

MBBS, MS, MCh [Paediatric Surgery], DHA, FAIS, FMAS


Children/Paediatrics, Robotic Surgery


Paediatric Minimal Access Surgery, Reconstructive Paediatric Urology, Robotic Paediatric Surgery, Stentless Hypospadias, Robotic Vesicoscopic Reimplantation for Vesico-Uretric reflux