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  • The Centre offers coordinated care in the screening, management and prevention of complications in diabetes, all under one roof, with specialists from other related disciplines
  • The Centre is supported by Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Internal Medicine Specialists, Dieticians, Physiatrists, Ophthalmologists, Nephrologists and Bariatric Surgeons to enable timely identification and subsequent resolution of problems arising due to diabetes and obesity.
  • Diabetic packages are offered with a perspective towards a holistic approach to diabetic treatment
  • Our program for Bariatric Surgery - a major operation opted for after non-surgical weight-loss methods fail - follows the WHO guidelines for Asian patients for selection. These guidelines have also been endorsed by the Ministry of Health, Government of India.
  • Having a high BMI (Body Mass Index), illness related to excess weight, and inability to sustain weight loss through diet and exercise makes you a candidate for weight-loss surgery. If you do not meet these guidelines or we find that you are not eligible for surgery for health reasons, we can help you lose weight through our intensive non-surgical weight management program.
  • Surgeries are performed by a team of professionals using minimally invasive (Laparoscopic or Robotic) techniques. The experts handle all kinds of complex cases (for e.g. people with certain liver problems or previous abdominal surgery). The centre has an exclusive setup to address all issues related to diabetic foot.

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