Liver Transplant Hospital in Mumbai, India

Liver Transplantation Unit

In India, out of 25,000 patients with liver failure, only 1100 patients undergo liver transplantation. Of this, only 5% is performed in Western India due to the lack of a comprehensive facility.

To bridge this gap, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital has started a comprehensive liver transplant programme, transplanting livers both from living donors and cadavers. It is the first-of-its-kind, state-of-the-art comprehensive liver transplant centre in Western India. The centre is a complete unit consisting of expert doctors specially trained to provide comprehensive care to all patients across the entire spectrum of liver disorders involving dedicated and full time specialist Transplant Surgeons, Hepatologists, Anaesthetists, Intensivists, Radiologists, Haematologists, Blood Bank Specialists, Transplant Coordinators, and trained OT and ICU Nurses supported by dedicated operation theatres, ICUs and other high-tech infrastructure and equipments necessary for such complex procedures.

In India, every year, around 2.5 lakh patients die of liver failure due to cirrhosis. There are more than 25,000 patients who need a liver transplant every year. However, only around 1100 liver transplants are done in a year mainly in the North and South India, which accounts for almost 95% of these transplants.

Only 5% of these are performed in Western India, that too, primarily by visiting surgeons. Thus, through out Western India, a comprehensive Liver Transplant setup has never come up during these years.

Therefore, Kokilaben Hospital, in their quest to bridge every gap in Mumbai and Western Indias healthcare sector, has launched a Comprehensive Centre of Excellence for Liver Transplant - the first of its kind in Western India.

Centre For Transplant: Liver

Parameter KDAH Success Rates International Success Rates
Overall Success 86% 85% - 89%
Elective Liver Transplants 87% 86% - 90%
Emergency Liver Transplants 79% 78% - 80%

We at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital have started a comprehensive liver transplant programme, transplanting livers both from living donors and cadavers with dedicated Liver Transplant Operation Theatres (OT) and a dedicated Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Besides, it is supported by a dedicated team of the following specialists to ensure the best outcomes:

  • 4 Transplant Surgeons
  • 3 Hepatologists
  • 4 Anaesthetists
  • 6 Intensivists
  • 3 Interventional Radiologist
  • 2 Infection Control Specialists
  • 40 Specialist Transplant Nurses
  • Blood Bank Specialists
  • Transplant Coordinators
  • OT and ICU Nurses