Laser Assisted Dentistry in Mumbai

Laser Assisted Dentistry

Now, uprooting pain from dental treatment!

Lasers have long been the standard of care in medicine for many procedures – from LASIK vision correction to wrinkle and hair removal to various other surgeries. Now with Laser Dentistry, we can offer the benefits of advanced laser technology for your dental care as well. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is the first private hospital in India that offers dental treatment with the latest Erbium Laser, the Biolase Waterlase MD.

Laser Dentistry uses a patented technology that combines laser energy and a gentle spray of water to perform a wide range of dental procedures with lesser trauma to teeth and gums than the conventional dental treatment procedures using a drill or scalpel. Some of the applications of this technology include:

  • Preparing cavities for fillings, without injections
  • Reshaping gums to create a more attractive smile
  • Treating dental needs in more than one part of the mouth in one visit
  • This makes dental care a more relaxing experience for you!

Laser Dentistry is one of the most advanced dental technologies available today. It was developed by Biolase Technology, the leader in dental lasers. Biolase dental lasers have been used to treat millions of patients.

Laser Dentistry creates special, highly concentrated light energy, and sends it through an optical fibre to its hand piece. Your dentist uses the hand piece to aim the laser energy precisely at the areas to be treated. Some laser systems combine the laser energy with a gentle spray of water.

Laser Dentistry was developed specifically to repair decayed and damaged teeth, and treat gums and other soft tissue in the mouth safely and comfortably. However, it can be harmful to the eyes,, therefore, you, your dentist and anyone else in the treatment room must wear special protective glasses when the laser is used.

  • More Comfortable
    Laser Dentistry uses laser energy and a gentle spray of water to perform a wide range of dental procedures - without the heat, vibration and pressure associated with the dental drill. Now, by using this technology in many procedures, it is possible to use less anaesthetic and often no anaesthetic at all.
  • More Convenient
    At Kokilaben Hospital, your dentist can often get you out of the dentist chair faster, since its less likely that youll need an injection - research shows that the vast majority of patients dont require injections. By not using anaesthetic, your dentist can now perform procedures in a single appointment unlike more than one visit with conventional dental treatment methods. Also, a Laser Dentist can perform procedures that once meant an additional trip to a specialist, saving you even more time.
  • More Precise
    A Laser Dentist can remove decay far more precisely than a dentist using a drill. This saves more of the healthy parts of your tooth. Preserving your natural teeth can save you from the discomfort and cost of bridges, dentures and implants.

We may use Laser Dentistry to treat your teeth, gums or any other soft tissue in the mouth to:

  • Improve Your Smile
    We may suggest contouring or shaping a patients gums using Laser Dentistry to improve the appearance of their smile by safely removing excess gum tissue that may give them a gummy smile, or make their front teeth appear irregular in size or shape. Depigmentation (lightening) of dark gums is also possible.
  • Remove Oral Growths
    We may use Laser Dentistry to remove growths or excess tissue in a patients mouth including gum tissue over an unerupted tooth, small tags called papillae and growths called fibromas.
  • Fix a Tongue Tie or Prevent Gum Recession
    Connections that restrict the movement of a patients tongue or cause their gums to recede can be released with Laser Dentistry.
  • Treat Periodontal Disease
    Laser Dentistry can be used to remove debris between your teeth and gums that can cause bleeding gums, gum recession and even loss of teeth.
  • Relieve the Pain of Cold Sores and Fever Blisters
    Laser Dentistry often provides immediate relief from painful cold sores and fever blisters.
  • Treat Decayed Teeth
    Laser Dentistry can be used in preparing cavities for fillings without injections. This is especially beneficial for treating children.
  • Prepare and Disinfect Root Canals
    Laser Dentistry can be used to prepare access cavities, shape and clean root canals. The laser can effectively eliminate infection within the root canal and surrounding bone.
  • Disinfect Sockets of Extracted Teeth
    Laser dentistry minimises the use of antibiotics, and is especially beneficial in diabetic patients.
  • Treat Cardiac Patients
    Heart patients need not stop taking anticoagulant (blood thinning) medications before undergoing any dental laser treatment, thereby reducing any medical risk.

For soft tissues, like gums...

Laser Dentistry for oral surgery and periodontal treatment gives you more advantage over conventional treatment using scalpels and sutures. At Kokilaben Hospital, we offer Laser Dentistry treatment to improve your comfort and provide better results from your dental procedures.

Soft tissue Conventional dental treatment Laser dentistry treatment
During Your Procedure Local anaesthetic with needle and shot is required to prevent pain. Bleeding is common in such procedures. Many procedures performed with Laser Dentistry require only topical anaesthetic.
Immediately After your Procedure Post-operative medication usually required due to stitches. Less need for prescription pain medication with Laser Dentistry.
Recovering From your Procedure Healing usually causes prolonged discomfort and often takes 6-8 weeks recovery time. Healing is faster and more comfortable with Laser Dentistry.

For hard tissues, like teeth and bone...

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. No wonder dentists have always resorted to tough tools to work on it. However with Laser Dentistry, now theres a gentler way to fix decay. From the moment your dentist begins to work youll feel the difference!

Hard tissue Conventional treatment with drill and anaesthetic Laser Dentistry treatment
Before Your Procedure Local anaesthetic with needle and shot usually required to prevent pain. You wait while anaesthetic takes effect. Many procedures performed with Laser Dentistry require little or no topical anaesthetic, so dentist can begin work right away.
During Your Procedure Drill typically causes discomfort from heat, vibration and pressure from contact of drill on tooth. Laser light and gentle spray of water typically causes little or no discomfort.
After Your Procedure You will typically have a numb lip, which can restrict eating and speaking until the anaesthetic wears off. If anaesthetic was not used, then you can return to normal activities immediately.

Relief from painful canker sores and herpetic lesions with laser Dentistry

Canker sores and herpetic lesions are painful nuisances. They can make talking or eating difficult, and always seem to take forever to go away. Fortunately, your dentist can safely and effectively treat these sores on your lips, tongue, inner cheek and gums – often relieving pain immediately.

Canker Sores
Symptoms Painful, open sores that appear inside lips & cheeks, at base of gums, or under tongue
Medical name Aphthous ulcers
Cause Stress, poor nutrition, food allergies, illness, hormonal changes and trauma
Herpetic lesions /cold sores
Symptoms Appear around the lips or at the corners of the mouth
Medical name Herpetic lesions
Cause Outbreak of Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1)

Once your canker sore or herpetic lesion has been diagnosed, Laser Dentistry treatment is as simple as follows:

  • Laser energy is applied to the sore for just a few seconds
  • Most people experience immediate pain relief
  • You probably wont feel a thing during or after treatment
  • Injection or sedation is seldom necessary
  • You can probably avoid prescription medication for your sore, thus avoiding the side effects and potential drug interactions it could cause.