Haematology Laboratory in Mumbai

Haematology Laboratory

The haematology laboratory is a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with fully automated and latest technology. What sets the laboratory apart is the availability of well trained, skilled, experienced and specialised haematology laboratory professionals behind the technology.

It has two fully automated 5-part differential cell counters for reporting routine blood counts, fully automated coagulation analyzers for bleeding disorders as well as thrombophilia studies, high performance liquid chromatography for typing of abnormal haemoglobins, platelet aggregometer for platelet aggregation studies and an ultra-modern 2-lasers, 6-colour flow cytometer for characterisation of various leukemias and lymphoproliferative disorders, lymphocyte subset analysis, HLA-B-27 detection, etc.

Equipped with bar code readers, the equipment are bi-directionally interphased to ensure that individual sample identification is strictly maintained. The laboratory lays great emphasis on quality and follows a strict quality control protocol and also participates regularly in external quality control programmes. Along with performing highly specialised tests, the laboratory also provides routine and emergency services round the clock, all days of the year and within a very reasonable turn-around-time.