Sample Collection Services in Mumbai

Sample Collection

  • Hospital Layout Plan on the ground floor and all the floors
  • Consultants List – Department-wise
  • Ready Accessibility
  • Brochures and Handouts
  • Adequate Elevators dedicated to certain floors
  • Colour coded tracking system
  • Bar coding of all samples.

Registration and Billing:

  • Self generated token system
  • Unique Identification Numbers on swipe cards with demographic details
  • Department coded test list arranged alphabetically
  • Separate list for out-sourced tests
  • Friendly, helpful and well trained Customer Care Officers and Billing Clerks

Phlebotomy Area:

  • Spacious, well lit, temperature and humidity controlled area with television and water cooler
  • Trained, courteous and friendly staff proficient in at least three languages. Patient education and preparation is done when required
  • Checking the Bill copy with the test requisition
  • Intra-Net and Internet Available on the Computer
  • Separate Phlebotomy room
  • Adjustable donor chairs
  • Vacutainer Collection with Eclipse Needles. Scalp veins are used when necessary
  • Follows Hospital Infection and Waste Management Guidelines and Universal Precautions
  • One Phlebotomist attends to one Patient at a time
  • Chute System for sample transportation
  • Toilet area spacious and cleaned on regular basis
  • Notice regarding report collection details
  • Separate Area for report dispatch
  • Sealed outpatient reports sent to report dispatch on Ground Floor through chute. Pending tests for the patient hand written on the envelope with date and time of report collection