High-Flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy in Mumbai, India

High Flow Nasal Cannula

High flow nasal oxygen is a novel method of delivering oxygen in patient with respiratory illnesses who require high amount of oxygen. Usually these patients are either kept on oxygen mask which is not very effective when oxygen requirements are high or they are on a non-invasive ventilator which can be fairly uncomfortable for the patients as they have to wear a tight mask on face and are unable to talk or eat. 

HFNO delivers warm and humidified oxygen via a nasal cannula up to 100 per cent oxygen saturation and is tolerated very well by the patient. Patient can take normal food and is able to talk as well. HFNO is also shown to decrease the chance of patients needing invasive ventilator and help in taking ventilated patients off the ventilator sooner and improves survival rate.

At Kokilaben Hospital, we offer HFNO therapy to patient with respiratory failure in the Intensive Care Unit.

Dr. S. P. Rai - Pulmonary Medicine Specialists in Mumbai

Dr (Col) S.P Rai

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