Transfusion Medicine


Transfusion Medicine


Transfusion Medicine


Transfusion Medicine

The Blood Bank is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which enables use of advanced techniques for processing/screening of blood and its components.

Immunohaematology tests (Blood grouping, Antiglobulin test etc.) are done with latest Column agglutination and Capture technology.

Solid-phase red-cell adherence (SPRCA) techniques for platelet serology will be commissioned soon.

All mandatory screening for the transfusion transmissible diseases like HIV (1 +2), HBV, HCV are done with highly sensitive and specific CMIA method. All units are screened for VDRL, Malaria parasite and irregular antibodies too.

Nucleic Amplification Test- We also offer extra layer of blood safety by doing molecular test (NAT) for HIV, Hepatitis B and C which is offered by very few centres in country.

Apheresis – It is done by Amicus/Trima/Comtec Cell Separators. In apheresis, a component of blood is removed from an individual (donor) and the remainder is returned back to that donor.


Team in Department of Transfusion Medicine comprises of two Transfusion Medicine Specialists, one Medical Officer, one Medical Social Worker, one Nurse, two Technical supervisors and team of 12 technical officers with 5 support staff. Team is headed by the Laboratory Director.