Blood Centre-Plateletpheresis in Mumbai

Blood Centre-Plateletpheresis

Platelets are blood cells that are required to stop bleeding. Plateletpheresis is the procedure whereby a donor after being connected to a machine called cell separator using disposable sets, is able to donate much more platelets than is possible from whole blood donations. During the procedure, all remaining components are returned to the donor. The platelets collected are regenerated with in 48 hours; hence he can donate platelets every 3 days. After donating blood he can donate platelets after 8 weeks. This procedure approximately takes one or one & half hours.

Leukemia patient undergoing chemotherapy require large amount of platelets. Once chemotherapy is started the patient will constantly need platelets during the course of the treatment.

We look forward to your cooperation in helping us to supply life-saving platelets, which are always in great demand and short supply. Please go through the following instructions carefully. If you have any question or concern, please contact any of he doctor in the Department of transfusion medicine.

  • You have to convince at least two donors, preferably male, of the same blood group as that of the patient who will be available day or night to come forward for plateletpheresis.
  • The donor should be between age group of 18- 50 years and weight above 55 kgs.
  • The donor should be preferably donated blood at least once before.
  • The donors venous access should be prominent.
  • Donors have to bring for testing to the Department of transfusion medicine. Please note that no testing is done on Sundays and holidays.
  • The donor will tested initially for grouping and evaluated for plateletpheresis suitability. If found suitable his/her results will be valid for the next 7 days.
  • The reports will be available on the next morning or working day.
  • All request forms for plateletpheresis should accompany with the report. An appointment for the same has to be taken from the doctor in the Dept. of transfusion medicine
  • The donor should have a light meal before the donation. However the meal should not be oily or spicy.
  • The donor should not take aspirin or aspirin containing tablets, after being tested
  • For serial plateletpheresis interval between two procedures should be at least 72 hours.
  • Donor can donate platelets two times in a week OR 24 times in a year.