Heridetary Cancer Clinic

We at KDAH, aim to provide a supportive journey to cancer patients by providing a personalized genomic solutions and treatment strategies that are tailored to their unique cancer profile.Treatment plans like targeted therapy, selection of chemotherapy regimens, hormone therapy, Immunotherapy are decided based on their tumor molecular characteristics, stage,cancer progression, reoccurrence and their overall health, medical history and preferences.We, at Molecular Pathology and Genomics Department provides tailored, comprehensive and personalized genomic consultation services.

We here by launch, Hereditary Cancer Clinicwhich will focus on personalized cancer care for patients with history of cancer or history of cancer in the family. Hereditary cancers are known to be genetic and the mutations are passed down in family members. People with positive variants in genes may present with hereditary cancer syndrome and are at a higher risk of getting certain cancers. Our specialists provide comprehensive genetic evaluations and testing based on 113 genes associated with cancers for patients whose family or personal history indicates they are at high risk of developing cancer.Pre-test Genetic counselling is provided prior to testing and followed by post-test genetic consultations to help patients understand the test result and risks associated with it. We coordinate a complete follow-up care to plan cancer prevention, timely surveillance and to provide individual personalized treatment strategies.

We are also launching PanPredict Lung cancer Panel on 11 predictive genes for bothmutations and fusions (167 variants) mandatory for testing in advanced lung cancers. This test will be performed using Real time – PCR which shows a very high sensitivity, specificity andturn aroundtime of only 5 days. This will help to improvize the treatment regime with an early effective strategy and will not have to wait for a month to start the treatment.