Smoking Cessation Clinic

Cigarette smoking accounts for 7 million deaths annually worldwide mainly due to cancer, heart disease and smoking related lung disease. Giving up smoking at any age has major short-term and long-term health benefits. Quitting and staying away from cigarettes is difficult, but not impossible. Smoking is an addiction and giving up smoking requires individual approach. The chance of giving up smoking double or triples with the use of medications and counselling. There are several medications that may help you stop smoking. However it is important to choose the right medications, the right method of administration and right combination to get the maximum benefit. Multiple studies show that using behavioural therapy provided by psychologist or psychiatrist along with a medication increases your chances of success.

Why Kokilaben Hospital?

We provide full range of services for Smoking cessation and diagnosis and management of smoking related diseases. We have a multidisciplinary approach for smoking cessation provided by team of chest physicians, Psychologist and psychiatrist. Our comprehensive smoking cessation services helps to tailor the treatment according to individual needs and past experiences.