Kidney Support Group

    We all know that kidney disease is on the rise in our country and all over the world. We as doctors have to take care of varieties of population

    • People who are at risk of developing kidney diseases and aim here is to prevent kidney ailments
    • Patients who have developed kidney disease and aim is to slow progression to end stage kidney disease
    • Provide adequate care and support for patients who have reached end stage kidney disease and require treatment for the same.

    Support groups for patients dealing with kidney disease are a growing need in many communities. The exchange of information and important patient-to-patient collaboration that occurs within a support group is one of the most valuable elements of patient participation.

    Talking to others who are also going through chronic kidney disease (CKD) or dialysis can be a much-needed opportunity to vent, share information, get advice and receive and provide support. At Kokilaben Ambani Hospital we believe in informed patient care. We conduct 4 support group meetings at quarterly intervals. We also share patient stories and testimonials which will help patients visiting the website

    Our aim

    • Help patients and their families understand kidney diseases and options for treatment
    • Provide a support group for kidney patients and help them cope with the disease
    • Prevent kidney disease in healthy population

    Provide basic know- how on kidney transplantation. In addition to providing medical knowledge required by patients who are planning to go through kidney transplantation, we have created family groups who can share their experiences with these patients.