Brijpal Yadav

Brijpal Yadav

Respected, Dr Annu Aggarwal,

As you know Madam I suffered a Brain Stroke and lucky being under your care since then. I would like to share my feeling and experience during course of my treatment and afterward, especially your motherly care taken by you of mine. I appreciate you and entire Hospital management and its allied department such as Centre for Rehabilitation, who has become truly instrumental in bringing back me on my own feet.

I am thankful to you for referring me to Complete Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy and at the same time I am thankful to Dr Abhishek Srivastava who was kind enough to allot time slot to me and to his team who have brought me to becoming independent in a lot of my Daily Activities.

Here I would like to mention my Occupational Therapist Mr Siddharth Wadhwa

I can say Siddharth has changed and brought innovation in his treatment style and today my hand doesn't feel heavy and I can hold an object in hand lift and place it.
The best thing I can open my fingers to leave the object I have held. I have come to know from people (my near and dear) that patients after Stroke can't open their fingers. Thanks to your Occupational Therapist Mr Siddharth Wadhwa who has worked on my weak arm and helped me get it working. Mr Wadhwa has made it possible with his innovative treatment. He gives homework which I can do at home and I used to follow the same and doing it regularly.

I thank Dr Abhishek for having Therapists like Siddharth in his team.

Dr Annu Aggarwal, Dr Abhishek Srivasta and Siddharth Wadhwa(OT), you are people in the hospital which make this hospital the Best Hospital and with the best Neuro Rehabilitation Centre.

Thank you,

Mr Brijpal Yadav