Minimally Invasive Coronary Bypass Surgery

Minimally Invasive Coronary Bypass Surgery (Key Hole Bypass Surgery)

Coronary Bypass surgery is traditionally done through a large 10 inches incision in front of chest after cutting the Breast Bone called Sternum .MICAS is less invasive key hole CABG via left chest through a small 5 cm incision without damaging any bones or muscle assisted by very sophisticated Camera for harvesting Bypass conduits and advanced instruments for joining grafts.

  • Breast Bone is not cut , eliminating Bone infection and delayed healing specially in Diabetic patients.
  • MICAS Incision is small ( 2-3 inches )and heals faster than midline Incision , well hidden and cosmetic .
  • Minimal Blood loss, No blood transfusion needed in majority of cases.
  • Most of the patients are discharged in 4 days while Midline incisions approach will require 8-10 days hospital stay.
  • These patients go back to their work and routines in less than three weeks while Routine sternal cutting cases go to work after 10-12 weeks
  • MICAS CABG is thus economic , fast track surgery for both patient and the family because of short hospitalization and fast recovery

Majority of cases can be done with this approach unless concomitant Heart procedures like Valve repair and replacement, Aneurysm surgery ,or post heart attack valve leak, and VSD is to be tackled.

In MICA CABG is done with special instruments . Heart lung Machine can be started if needed in no time .

Almost same cost or even cheaper than standard bypass as recovery is faster and discharge is earlier.

Yes , most of the cases but in occasional difficult target cases Heart lung machine may be used for brief period of time.

Even in diabetics , Risk of Infection is minimal, risk of delayed wound healing even in obese patients is hardly ever seen.

Previous Lung Surgery is not a contraindication but CT scan should always be done to localise the difficult area of dissection.

No, only few surgeons are capable of performing MICS safely all over the world