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  • To create a centre where fetal anomalies can be diagnosed early and accurately
  • To counsel the parents adequately and accurately, such that appropriate decisions can be made during pregnancy
  • To co-ordinate with the primary care physician/obstetrician to facilitate best results
  • Spread awareness of fetal and neonatal care
  • To have a Centre of Excellence for the continuum of Initial evaluation by a Fetal Medicine Specialist and review of previous reports.
  • Ultrasound scan and counselling regarding the diagnosis
  • Invasive testing as required (Chorionic villous sampling / amniocentesis)
  • Foetal MRI where indicated
  • There may be a possibility of review after 2-6 weeks or as required
  • Multidisciplinary Team Approach: Having established a diagnosis, the parents will be scheduled a joint appointment with the Foetal Medicine Specialist and a relevant consultant, e.g., paediatric surgeon/urologist or paediatric neurologist/cardiologist for counselling regarding their various options available, with a fair idea of the survival rates in each situation
  • In those cases where the parents opt for termination of pregnancy, they are advised to either contact their obstetrician or schedule the same in our hospital.In either case, attempts may be made to acquire the products of conception for research purposes
  • Postnatal review for a complete discussion regarding the case, i.e. recurrence risks and planning for future pregnancy
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