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General services

General services

Indications for AFCC referral

  • Suspicion or confirmation of an anomaly on the ultrasound scan
  • Previous child with congenital anomaly/syndrome/genetic conditions.
  • Previous neonatal death wherein final diagnosis was unsure (i.e. obstetrician/paediatrician/parents are concerned about the recurrence of this condition)
  • Family history of a genetic problem (beta thalassemia muscular dystrophy, cardiac anomaly, etc.)
  • Increased risk on antenatal biochemical screening tests like the first trimester screen or the Triple Marker Test
  • Increased Nuchal translucency at 11-14 weeks
  • Rhesus iso-immunisation/foetal hydrops/anaemia
  • Early onset fetal growth restriction/twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome

Patient Care Pathway

Referral can be made to any of the referral team members or the Co-ordinators. Generally, evaluation of the case will be performed by the Fetal Medicine Specialist (along with the referring consultant, if any). The relevant Specialty Consultants would be involved as the case demands and an appropriate plan of action made, after multidisciplinary counselling. The plan would be discussed with the Consultant primarily in charge of the patient's care. The place of delivery may continue to be with the local Consultant or may have to be at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, depending on the case. It would be envisaged that most cases will not need to be transferred before delivery. The timing of the neonatal evaluation, surgery, NICU care, etc., will be determined as per the individual case.

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