Dr. Shama Kovale - ENT Specialists in Mumbai

Dr. Shama Kovale

Consultant, ENT Surgeon, Voice and Swallowing Specialist


  • Department: ENT
  • Clinics: Voice Clinic
  • YEARS OF PRACTICE: 16 years
  • GENDER: Female
  • LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Hindi, Marathi
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With simple philosophy in life, strive to make lives of patients better. Focus on getting the patient better with the best possible treatment option and give 100 percent in whatever I do. Follow the simple Mantra of be compassionate , work hard with a smile and try to live by it.

My Mantra

With simple philosophy in life, strive to make lives of patients better. Focus on getting the patient better with the best possible treatment option and give 100 percent in whatever I do. Follow the simple Mantra of be compassionate, work hard with a smile and try to live by it.
With special interests in voice and swallowing, it gives me immense pleasure when a teacher can teach with a normal voice, a singer reaches his maximum pitch. As far as swallowing is concerned it’s a very humbling experience when you see a patient eating with his mouth instead of the tubes.


Laryngology (voice and Swallowing), Base skull Surgeries , Otology


Phonosurgeries for Voice , swallowing related surgeries.Otology and Neuro-otology including Cochlear Implantation, Ear microsurgery, CSF Otorrohea repair, Tympanoplasty and Mastoidectomy, Phonosurgery: including surgeries related to the voice, airway and swallowing, Rhinology: including FESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) and ther surgical work related to the nose, Endoscopic skull base surgeries, Vertigo and related issues


    • B Y L Nair Hospital and Topiwala National Medical college


    • Fellowship in Phonosurgery (Voice)
    • Fellowship in Cochlear Implant Surgery
  • Top docs by India Today in 2019 for Voice

She has a vast experience in the field of ENT for 16 years. After her training at B.Y.L Nair Hospital, she has worked with many prestigious institutes in Mumbai, like A.J.B ENT Hospital and Bhagwati Hospital, Hinduja hospital, Bombay hospital , Asian Heart Institute.

She was a consultant at Global Hospital, Asian Heart Institute and Mahatma Gandhi Hospital in Mumbai before joining KDAH.

KDAH experience

  • She aims to provide modern and evidence based treatment to patients with Ear, Nose, Throat related issues. She has been a part of the institute for more than 5 years. At Kokilaben she has operated on various difficult cases like facial nerve decompression, CSF leaks along with various routine ENT surgeries. Various surgeries and procedures related to voice and swallowing like Botox injections , Injection Laryngoplasty, Microlaryngoscopy are performed .
  • She also sees patients with various ear related disorders including Vertigo and a complete work up for the diagnosis and treatment of the same.
  • 1st prize for poster presentation at annual conference of phonosurgery
  • 3rd prize for paper presentation at Annual conference

Papers published in indexed journals

  • Award paper on Laryngopharyngeal reflux in annual conference of otolaryngologist of India.
  • Paper presentation in CIGICON on Revision Implants
  • Has published numerous articles in many peer reviewed journals and has been invited for oral presentations in various conferences
  • Attended the phonosurgery conference
  • Organising committee member of Maharashtra state conference in December 2015
  • Executive Board Member of AOI Mumbai Branch
  • Executive Committee  member of AOI Mumbai west
  • Invited Faculty at National Phonosurgery conference
  • Invited Faculty at Bombay Hospital phonosurgery workshop
  • Conducted workshop on Swallowing T Cooper Hospital
  • Invited Faculty at Mentcon (Maharashtra state conference )

Professional Memberships

  • Association of Otolaryngologist of India
  • AOI Mumbai
  • AOI Mumbai West
  • Association of Phonosurgeons of India
  • Cochlear Implant group of India
  • Varsha Harshad

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your generous support. When we first consulted you for our 8 year old son’s (Sidhant)adenoid related issues which he had been  facing for almost 2-3 years ,we were worried parents .T...

  • Rajiv Verma, Mumbai

    I am under treatment of Dr. Shama Kovale, ENT Surgeon, for ailments in ear and throat since Feb. '19. She has performed required surgery on my voice box in throat.

    She has performed required minor procedure for my ear. She is a...

  • Saswati Padhee, Mumbai

    Dear Doctor,

    It has been a pleasure interacting with you.The adenoid surgery that you conducted for my 7 year old has really helped my child.You correctly diagonized her hearing loss because of Grade IV adenoids. We were very c...

  • Maneck Bajan, Mumbai

    I, Mr Maneck Bajan, 74 yrs. old have undergone treatment under Dr Shama Kovale at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, since last month. I was unable to talk clearly and had change of voice since last 2 months. I was diagnosed with RT VF cyst a...

  • Adhishree Sirsalewala, Mumbai

    Dear Dr. Kovale,

    A heartfelt thank you for your advise and all the treatment given for the recovery of my daughter Miss Adhishree Sirsalewala. She was hospitalised on 2nd July, 2018 under Dr Vinay Joshi and was operated by you ...

  • Nikhil Jain

    I am writing this to thank you for your extended support so far during my treatment at Kokilaben Hospital.

    Its been great interacting with you and getting complete explanation of the procedure / surgery to my satisfaction.

  • Suraj Chodankar, Mumbai

    Greetings for the day!!!

    It’s always a privilege to have my routine check up done from your end. I travel all the way from Charni Road as I feel secured to get treated under your hands.

    Good Doctors understan...

  • Pritin Kumar, Mumbai

    My entire family had a very good experience with Dr. Shama Kovale. We first went to meet Dr. Kovale when my 3-year old son was complaining of earache – Dr. Kovale was very interactive and sought to maintain a connect with my son. Thereaft...

  • Vibha Rakesh Nayudu, Mumbai

    Dear Dr Shama Kovale,

    I want to thank you and convey my heartfelt gratitude for the medical care and counsel that you have provided for my chronic ear problem.

    Since almost 8 years I had suffered from a recurri...

  • Krishnendu Halder, India

    Dear Doctor Kovale,

    You may recollect me to whom you had treated and done the operation for my ear on 13th April 17. My id is KH1000XXXXX- stay of duration from 12th to 14th April 17- Bed no 1XXXX9 at the hospital.

  • Yogesh Tripathi, Mumbai

    Dear Dr Shama,

    I would like to thank you for the successful surgery done on my right ear on 25-02-2017. In fact i was bit scared initially but, after consulting you, I was confident to go for surgery. I'm once again thankfu...

  • Mehfooz Shaikh, Mumbai

    Hi Dr. Shama,

    Would like to thanks to you for suggesting us for Surgery/ Operation of “adenotonsillar hypertrophy” for my son Master Azim Shaikh.

    You have excellently performed your duty and done we...

  • John Almeida

    Dear Dr. Shama,
    I would like to take this opportunity to express to you my heartfelt appreciation for the surgery you performed on me.

    This was the first time I underwent a surgery but it was your willingness to discuss...

  • Bhakti Shah, Mumbai

    Dear Dr. Shama,

    Thank you for your guidance and support.

    My mom was suffering from hearing loss ear from quite few years but the problem increased and she was suffering perforation in left year. She was not abl...

  • Mahavir Jain

    Dear Ma'am,

    My wife had a severe ear infection along with hole in ear-drum, for which I came to you at your OPD, after all the diagnosis you set a clear path of treatment. Explained the disease well, illustrated the course of treatme...

  • Naseem Patel

    Dear Dr Shama,

    I am writing on behalf of my sister Shabana Patel who has been seeing you for the treatment of polyp in her throat.

    We would like to sincerely thank you for all your kind help and very good diagnosis and tre...

  • Aparajita Sinha, India

    It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for Dr. Shama Kovale

    My husband had been suffering from an ear pain and discharge since November 2014. We were under the treatment of an ENT specialist who was supposed to be very experi...

  • Veersen N. Tamhane, Dubai, UAE

    Dear Dr Kovale,

    Under your able expertise, I underwent an operation for removal of lesions on my vocal cords, at the Ambani Hospital on February 27th.

    I would like to place on record my sincere thanks, especially to you fo...

Disease No. of Cases Treated Overall in Career KDAH success rate
Tympanoplasty 39 404 98%
Mastoidectomy 12 255 95%
Myringotomy 20 300 98%
Stapedectomies 05 30 80%
Ossicular Reconstruction 20 156 78%
Facial Nerve Decompression 2 10 100%
CSF Rhinorrhoea Repair 4 17 100%
Cochlear Implants 0 5 -
Base skull Endoscopic 2 15 100%
Microlaryngoscopies(Voice Surgeries) 12 20 100%
Vertigo Treatment 70 500 70%
Fess Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries 37 208 77%
Neck Surgeries 5   -

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