Best Rehabilitation Clinics in Mumbai, India


Neurocognitive Service

Brain injury, tumour and aneurysms and anoxic brain damage with primary cognitive / behavioural / speech / swallowing issues and minimal physical and medical needs.

Neurophysical Service

Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, anoxic brain injuries, motor neuron disease, Guillain Barre syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, and muscle diseases with primary sensory / motor dysfunction.

Stroke Service

Ischaemic/haemorrhagic stroke with multiple disabilities in mobility, self care, balance, coordination, speech & language, swallowing, cognitive and sensory/ perceptual skills.

Spinal Cord Service

Traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injury, spinal tumor, transverse myelitis and related conditions with paralysis and bladder / bowel / sexual disability.

Complex MSK Service

Multiple fractures, arthritis, de-conditioning syndrome, postoperative & diabetic complications leading to significant functional mobility and movement impairments.

Sports Rehabilitation Service

Shoulder joint and rotator cuff injuries, tennis and golfers elbow, hand injuries, anterior cruciate ligament tears, hamstring and ankle sprains in person engaged in outdoor sports like cricket, football, basketball or volleyball etc. leading to significant pain, strength, movement & mobility impairments.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Service

Neck / Back pain due to cervical & lumbar spondylosis, prolapsed intervertebral disc, trigger spots, fibromyalgia, and cumulative trauma disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome etc.

Amputation Service

Comprehensive program for all levels of upper and lower limb amputation due to disease or trauma.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Service

Three phase program for persons with more than 2 risk factors for ischemic heart disease, stable angina, post angioplasty, post myocardial infarction, post coronary artery bypass grafting, stable chronic heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, type II diabetes mellitus (Type II) and valvular heart disease for risk factor reduction and improving effort tolerance.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service

Three phase program for persons with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and restrictive lung diseases for risk factor reduction and improving effort tolerance.

Neurodevelopmental Therapy Service

Comprehensive services for children with developmental delay / cerebral Palsy for recovery of normal movement patterns.

Multi Sensory Integration Service

Children with deficient sensory processing leading to hypokinetic / hyperkinetic behavior need coordinated program of multiple sensory stimuli: propioceptive, kinesthetic, visual & auditory to normalize function.

Autism & Learning Disabilities Service

Children with difficulty in learning and performing higher tasks given cognitive retraining and goal directed training with emphasis on self performance of activities of daily living.

Spasticity Service

Children with spasticity leading to dynamic or static contractures / deformities managed by a stepped care approach.

Cancer Rehabilitation Service

Comprehensive services for disability due to primary system involvement, pain management, prevention of secondary complications, de-conditioning syndrome and lymph edema management

Acute Pain Service

Full range of electrotherapy service for management of acute nociceptive pain due to any injury or inflammation.

Chronic Pain Service

Comprehensive multidisciplinary services from evaluation to management of chronic nociceptive pain due to repetitive strain injury or neurogenic pain due to peripheral neuropathy.

Comprehensive multidisciplinary services for antenatal program for women in child bearing age and neurourology and fall prevention programs for older women

Multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs for problems unique to elderly like Alzheimers disease, Dementia, osteoporosis, loss of balance and falls, urinary incontinence and reduced work capacity