Hand Studio and Upper Limb Robotics and Hand Studio in Mumbai

Hand Studio and Upper Limb Robotics

We are the only centre in Asia with three upper limb robotic systems under a single roof called the hand studio. These robotic systems target a specific group of muscles involved at different stages of neurological recovery, after a stroke or brain injury.

The first system is called Armeo®Power which can be used even if there is no power present in the upper limb. These systems provide task-specific training with visual feedback and virtual reality when there is absolutely no power in the upper limb due to severe paralysis. This training will trigger neuroplasticity and help regain muscle power and improve upper limb function.

The second device is called Armeo®Spring which is used when patients develop power in their shoulder but still have significant elbow and wrist weakness.

The third device, AMADEO, is primarily used to target hand weakness. Using these devices, we provide robotic assisted upper limb training with proper transition of care with separate type of robotics systems suitable for a specific stage of neurological recovery.