ENT Services

ENT Services

Sleep-related disorders are the rising concern in todays time. Sleep disordered-breathing, obstructive sleep disorders and obstructive sleep apnoea are reported more often these days due to changing lifestyle and food habits. Here at Kokilaben hospital, we provide comprehensive services in order to diagnose and treat obstructive sleep disorders.

Key Features

  • We have a team comprising of ENT surgeons, pulmonologists, bariatric surgeon, dietician and paediatricians.
  • We have the facility to diagnose sleep apnoea with battery of tests like sleep study, sleep endoscopy and radiology. We have a dedicated Sleep Study Suite.
  • Comprehensive management of sleep apnoea which includes Robotic procedures, Procedures with COBLATION®, CPAP machines, dietary advice and bariatric procedures.
COBLATION is a registered trademark of Arthrocare Corporation, a subsidiary of Smith and Nephew, Inc. The mark COBLATION is being referred to only as a technology for conducting ENT surgeries and all intellectual property rights vest with the registered proprietor

In current scenario sinus-related issues are more prevalent due to change in environmental conditions and increasing awareness among general population.

Sinuses are hollow spaces in skull which drain into nasal cavity. Recurrent infections and allergy results into blockage of the drainage pathway leading to sinusitis.

Common symptoms are facial pain, pressure, head ache, breathing difficulty, loss of sense of smell.

At Kokilaben hospital, we offer complete care of sinus related issues from diagnosis to the management. Some recent advances are practised at our specialised Sinus Clinic for the management of sinusitis, like:

  • Allergy tests
    • Skin prick test: Approximately 200 allergens including food, mites, pollens etc are tested
    • Blood-based tests like RAST
  • Immunotherapy in cases of allergic rhinitis
  • Conventional surgeries like functional endoscopic sinus surgery are performed in indicated cases
  • Kokilaben hospital offers Balloon Sinuplasty for sinusitis. We have the largest series in Asia Pacific.

Sinusitis can be treated with medical management like antibiotics and steroids or surgical management.

Traditional sinus surgery removes bone and tissue to enlarge the sinus opening with the aim of clearing the drainage pathway. This sort of surgery is often associated with post-operative pain and scarring.

Balloon sinuplasty is a breakthrough, minimally-invasive procedure that ENT doctor uses to treat chronic sinusitis. A tiny balloon is placed into the nose to reach the blocked sinuses and then inflated to widen the sinus opening. The procedure is safe, effective and recovery is quick.

Balloon sinuplasty is safe, proven and fast method to treat sinusitis effectively. Preliminary results from recent studies indicate that opening a sinus using balloon sinuplasty in children has an excellent safety profile and may be an effective treatment option for blocked maxillary sinus.

Salivary gland diseases like acute and chronic sialadenitis, salivary gland stone and salivary gland malignancies are managed at our centre.

Services Offered

  • Sailoendoscopy: Endoscopic visualisation of salivary ducts and glands to diagnose and treat conditions like sialolithisis, salivary duct strictures
  • Excision of salivary gland in cases of chronic sialadenitis , salivary gland malignancies
  • Botox injections in salivary glands in cases of hypersalivation