Head & Neck Minimal Access & Robotic Surgeries

Minimal access surgeries and robot-assisted surgeries are newer trends in current medical practice. Here at Kokilaben hospital we offer minimal access surgeries for thyroid, parathyroid, neck mass and salivary gland diseases.

  • Scarless thyroid excision with the help of da Vinci Robot. This is done through retroauricular approach
  • Minimal incision thyroid surgeries with recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring
  • Use of harmonic in neck surgeries with gamma probe
  • Minimal incision parathyroid surgery with gamma probe
  • Robotic surgery for tongue base reduction in cases of obstructive sleep apnoea

Dr. Sanjiv Badhwar



Robotic Surgery, ENT


Over 25 years in ENT - Head Neck Surgery, Cochlear implant and middle ear implant surgery, Robotic Head and Neck surgery, Pediatric airway management, Surgery for Sleep Apnea, Balloon Sinuplasty