Hearing Aid Centre

Hearing Aid Centre

We have a hearing aid centre with all modern facilities. We cater to all services that includes counselling on hearing loss and creating awareness on prevention, hearing aid trial, fitting, troubleshoot and fitting accessories. We have a wide range of products of renowned and time-tested companies with excellent features and styles to fit individual needs.

We are consistently producing the latest hearing aid technology and by the launch of our advanced hearing aid products, we have taken more personalised hearing to the higher level. From the myriad of advanced hearing aids that are available in a comprehensive array of shapes, styles and sizes, you can pick the one that meets your ideal requirements.

  • Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • Made for Phone Hearing Aid (Direct Stereo Streaming)
  • Wireless & Bluetooth Hearing Aid
  • Wireless connection to TV or Phone Hearing Aid
  • Invisible Hearing Aid
  • Fully Automatic Hearing Aid

We are here to guide you choose the best hearing aid suitable for your lifestyle. We own a collection of hearing aid types and styles to meet your budget and needs. Our team of specialised hearing aid experts will assist you find the best style for your expectations.

IIC hearing aids are the smallest hearing aids available. They are worn deep within the ear canal, ensuring only you know that youre wearing them. The close placement to your eardrum ensures immediate sound travel and less ambient noise in loud environments. Invisible-in-Canal aids produce the highest quality sound and are the least noticeable to others. They are designed for daily removal, meaning wearers need to be comfortable inserting and removing the tiny device deep into their ear canal.

Completely-in-Canals are invisible. They are designed to be placed deep inside the ear and catch less external noise as they are confined to the insides of the ear. This model is intended for someone with mild or moderate hearing loss. It is necessary to consult with a professional ear consultant to check whether you are suitable for this style.

Known as a comfortable and discreet design, Receiver-in-Canal is crafted in such a way that it fits well within the ear canal. It is also a suggestion for those with mild to moderate loss of hearing and may have a sensitive feel after putting machines on ears.

This is considered to be the traditional model with a small and curved case at the back of ear in a transparent, thin tube passing into ear canal. BTE hearing aid is more versatile, offering excellent treatment for all forms of hearing loss.

This is a smaller device that is worn within the outer ear and crafted to suit the skin tone of the wearer. Though it is discreet, it comes featuring various options that other small hearing aids cannot. It is recommended for people with mild to quite severe hearing disorder.

We regard your hearing health to be our top most priority and so we take utmost effort to do anything possible to help restore your good hearing. We deliver instant response to all your hearing aid-related queries and help finding the best hearing solution possible. The process of buying hearing aids varies for everyone. Majority of the people prefer consulting professional hearing aid specialists. These professionals focus on diagnosing hearing impairment exclusively and set off with the treatment of hearing loss with the help of hearing aids. We will show you the latest hearing aid technology and explain its uses. We will also tailor a solution to your specific lifestyle and render continuous care of your hearing disorder as well as hearing aids over the course of time.

While you first start wearing a pair of hearing aids, you need to be ready to hear sounds that you have been missing, like ticking clocks, faucets, laughter, childrens voices, traffic noise and so on. You will also feel something new around or in, your ear. You will also hear the sound of your very own voice and other internal sounds like swallowing. Most of the hearing health professionals suggest a visit for about 2 to 4 weeks once you buy your new hearing aids for fine tuning them.