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Tips to ward-off Summer Allergies

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Scorching heat isn’t the only cause of concern during summer. This season is also accompanied by allergies that could take a serious toll on your health. In addition to health issues like heat stroke and heat exhaustion, summer allergies too are extremely common during this time of the year. Allergies are a result of drastic fluctuation in temperature from cool wintry days to extremely hot summer days. Experts believe that high humidity levels during summer season doubles the growth of mould fungi on dead grass which paves way for various allergies. Mosquitoes are very active during this season and a bite can certainly trigger an allergic skin reaction for some people. Water intake increases when it’s hot outside and consumption of impure water too could be one of the possible summer allergy triggers.

If you want to keep summer allergies at bay, it is firstly important to consume the right kind of food. Fruits & vegetables with high water content are perfect energy boosters for summer. They not only keep your body hydrated but also improve your immunity thus preventing several summer allergies

Wear a face mask before stepping out in the external environment. Doing so will significantly reduce the amount of allergens that you inhale in the form of dust. Hay fever is one such kind of illness which is caused by an allergy to pollen

Skin Allergies during summer

Photo-dermatitis and bacterial/fungal infections are 2 of the most common summer allergies that cause the skin to react in a particular way. Rashes, skin darkening, acne & pimple breakouts, prickly heat etc are common symptoms of summer skin allergies. Pollen counts are high during windy afternoons; therefore avoid venturing outdoors during this particular time of the day. Cover up your eyes and hair with large sized sunglasses and broad-brimmed hats. Maintain a high level of personal hygiene by taking a shower at least twice or thrice a day with an anti-bacterial soap. Avoid wearing shoes that barely allow any ventilation for your feet.

Stop the consumption of Alcohol or at least limit its intake as it can worsen the impact of summer allergies with a substance called “histamine” which is produced by bacteria and yeast during the fermentation of wine, beer and liquor

Some medicines like Penicillin and similar kinds of antibiotics can also trigger summer allergies. Talk to your physician/healthcare provider to acquire complete information on this subject

Did you know…?

Fabrics too can worsen or trigger your summer allergies

Yes, that’s true.

Clothes that are dyed in black color contain a high level of PPD (or Phenylenediamine) which is known to induce allergic reactions on the skin. Body sweat when combined with elastic can also lead to a latex allergy. Some people suffer from nickel allergy and develop rashes on their skin after coming in contact with pant zips, studs and nickel elastic. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes as they too can trigger acute skin irritation

Sometimes, in spite of taking all precautionary measures, summer ailments somehow find their way into our lives. This information can help you preserve your health by keeping summer allergies at bay