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Reboot and Rebuild Healthy Habits for the year 2016

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

It’s time to bid goodbye to the year 2015 and you’re probably thinking about what you’d like to do differently the next year.

‘New Year’s Resolution’ – this term in itself is enough to increase the anxiety levels of those wish to improve their health but aren’t sure where to start. It is believed that most resolutions are broken by the end of January

Ever wondered why that happens?

Setting up unrealistic goals that is further backed by incorrect strategies to accomplish these goals contributes to the failure of any resolution that you may have made for the upcoming year. Losing weight, getting fitter and making the right food choices are some of the most common health resolutions that are made every year but how many of you actually have the determination to stick to the plan?

If health improvement is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, here are a few simple tips to help you make gradual lifestyle adjustments. Reboot and Rebuild Healthy Habits for the year 2016

  • Start by setting up simple and achievable goals. After completing the first goal, work your way up progressively to the difficult ones
  • If you find it difficult to part with your favorite food items, start by limiting the portion size for the first few weeks and gradually substitute them with their healthy counterparts
  • Include atleast one kind of physical activity in your daily routine. If work prohibits you from hitting the gym or going for a walk then indulge in household chores, take the stairs instead of the elevator or take your dog out for a walk. The goal is to ensure that you spend less time in a static position
  • Find a workout buddy
  • Keep an exercise or eating log to check your weekly performance
  • Make more time for yourself. If you’ve spend a large part of the year 2015, stressing over work related issues, make leisure time a priority in the year 2016
  • Do not let your health take a backseat. Make it a point to schedule and go for your periodic health check-ups as it can help you in getting a better understanding of your current health status. Getting tested regularly will also keep a tab on your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, vitamin deficiencies etc..
  • Try not to be glued to your mobile phones and electronic gadgets for a change. It will not only benefit your health (by keeping you away from dangerous radiation) but also give you a chance to spend some quality time with the important people in your life
  • Get atleast 7 to 8 hours of sleep in a day. Sleep is the body’s way of healing and refueling. Lack of sleep has shown to have a disastrous impact on the overall health, not to mention the trauma it causes to the brain, affecting mental health, productivity and mood.
  • Getting healthier or eating better doesn’t have to be boring. Don’t forget to add an element of fun in whatever you do. Stress can take a toll on your body and destroy it inch by inch hence everyday make sure you do atleast one thing that makes you happy

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital wishes all a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year

Health and Safety Tips for Christmas & New Year

Monday, December 21st, 2015

It’s that time of the year when people paint the town red with their festive spirit but this is also the time when maximum accident cases and medical emergencies are reported. Christmas and New Year celebrations continue all through the week making the whole world glitzter in lights and magic. In midst of all the celebrations, people sometimes tend to get carried away and indulge in reckless behavior which they often regret later

Follow these tips to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy as you indulge in Christmas and New Year celebrations

  • Don’t let the Christmas celebrations end with accidents & mishaps caused by festive drinking. Alcoholic beverages not only contain empty calories but also have a negative impact on your blood sugar. What’s more… alcohol also affects certain parts of the brain that control concentration, behavior, coordination and emotions. Drink responsibly and ensure that one person from the group always stays sober for driving. If you can plan a party, make sure you also plan how to get home safely
  • Do not place candles on or near a Christmas tree as it can easily be the cause of a house fire. Never keep open flame unattended as your children/pets could come in contact with them leading to an injury
  • Christmas is all about festive merriment and tempting treats. Over-consumption of sugar-laden treats will not only add to your body weight but also cause dental problems, including cavities. Having 1 or 2 festive favorites won’t hurt you but at the same time do not forget to practice good dental hygiene in order to prevent tooth decay & gum disease
  • Festive preparations demand a lot of energy and often call for too much of stress due to multi-tasking. Handling several tasks on your own and trying to accommodate too many things within too little time can trigger tension headaches. Drink plenty of water as dehydration can worsen these headaches. Stress less
  • Have a full stomach before consuming alcoholic beverages. High protein food items will not only slow down the absorption of alcohol in your digestive track, but also keep you from snacking on candy or appetizers at a party.
  • Drink a glass of water in between mixed drinks in order to prevent dehydration or getting intoxicated.
  • Never mix caffeinated energy drinks with alcohol as it could potentially disrupt your heart’s rhythm
  • Pushing your physical limits with extra food, drinking and partying can lead to a damaged immune system. It also drains essential nutrients from the body. Take Vitamin B, Vitamin C and magnesium supplements. Detoxify your body by drinking plenty of water, fruit/vegetable juice, herbal tea with lemon and honey.

Regardless of the safety measures that have been undertaken, your night of partying could take an unexpected turn sometimes even without a warning. Act responsibly and always maintain an open line of communication between you and your family/friends. Someone with you should be aware of where you are at all times.

Indulge in festive merriment but make sure you take all the necessary precautions to stay safe

Have a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year

The Air We breathe – Is it Safe?

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
Did you know…?

Breathing the air in Mumbai for just 1 day is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes, a study says

Diwali celebrations ended almost a month ago but the contamination in the air still continues to threaten the city

In order to have minimal impact on a person’s health, the air quality index has to be between 0 and 50 but as recorded by the meteorological department in Mumbai last month, the air quality index has mounted to dangerously high levels of 225 which can easily increase the susceptibility to respiratory infections in sensitive individuals especially children and the elderly.

The air quality has worsened not only in Mumbai but in Delhi as well. Known for its crisp cold nights, Delhi weather has deteriorated to nothing but grey, smog-filled health nightmare. Pollution levels have escalated considerably over the past few days after both the cities witnessed a certain level of drop in the temperature

According to the World Health Organization, Every year, Air pollution claims millions of lives across the globe, with more than 627,000 deaths reported in India alone. According to a study 1 in every 8 deaths on earth are linked to Air Pollution

Prolonged exposure to high levels of air pollutants can not only cause respiratory disorders in healthy people but also impact those with existing heart and respiratory disorders. Mumbai’s air pollution standards index (PSI) shows that pollution levels rise after the monsoon and peak in December. Laden with toxic substances and cancer-causing particles, the air in Mumbai has become more polluted than the air in Beijing. One of the main causes of this outcome is the increasing number of vehicles on Mumbai’s streets. Motor vehicles emit a host of hazardous pollutants into the air, most of which are capable of causing a significant damage to the human health. Toxic gases emitted from chemical factories and fire crackers have further aggravated the problem of air pollution, thereby creating an unbearable living condition in India

Here are a few ways in which poor air quality can impact your health

  • It causes lung cancer and also increases the risk of bladder cancer
  • It aggravates the symptoms of Asthmatic patients
  • It causes difficulty in breathing
  • It leads to irritation in the eye
  • It has a negative impact on the immune system
  • It affects the texture of hair & skin

Constant monitoring of Air Quality is absolutely essential to keep a tab on the level of contamination. What’s more…, Educating people and creating awareness about the dangers of Air Pollution can transform the current scenario.