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Tour Diaries with Christopher Pedra

Sunday, March 11th, 2018
Day 1

It was an early start for all on account of the time difference (we are 5.5 hours ahead of India). I went for a run around the area we are staying in, to try and get a feel for the city. As it turns out, we are very close to the Birmingham Arena where the games will be taking place, literally a 5 minute walk.

The area is very built up, but not bad for a short jog or active recovery session, if the weather plays its part. Recovery will be really important this week, as it is during any tournament week, but we’ve had a few good strategies in place during the build up that should allow up to adapt nicely to a tournament week. Being able to recover as quickly as possible after an exhaustive session (professional women’s badminton matches last anywhere from 40-80 minutes) requires a bit of active intervention, and not just rest. So we’ll be using some hydrotherapy, active recovery, massage and one or two other little methods that have been working in training weeks. Nutrition and sleep are obviously very important too, and we’ve incorporated good strategies here too.

Saina was up early too, but managed to get a bit of an extra sleep in before breakfast. The breakfast at the hotel is great, so will be a good foundation for our nutrition for the week.

As it turned out the practice facility wasn’t open to players yesterday, so we concentrated on recovery from the travel day, and had a good time in the gym. Saina is a really great athlete, and is a pleasure to work with – regardless of whether she has done something before, or we need to change things up on account of the environment we’re in (the gym here is pretty basic), she is able to pick things up early and is always happy to push herself. This is a great quality to have when your performance and health are literally your business. So we had a good mobility and activation session, followed by a bit of a walk.

Dinner was a bit of a combination of a local Turkish restaurant and Sainsbury’s, but by the end we were happy we’d had a balanced meal. The weather also took a bit of a turn last night during dinner, so the walk home could be considered active recovery in the cold too!

A bit of soft tissue work before bed and a good sleep should see us ready for the first practice day at the facility – we’ve got an hour on court between 12-1pm. Nice timing as it allows us to get a good breakfast and warm up session in before.

Until tomorrow…

Tour Diaries With Christopher Pedra

Saturday, March 10th, 2018
Day 0


We got in just after sunset yesterday, after a pretty quick taxi from the airport – huge bonus after an 8 hour flight! For all their faults, Air India actually has great legroom and comfortable seats. We’re staying at a familiar hotel that is decent, nice and close to the arena which is the most important factor.

Our first evening was obviously relaxed, focus from my side was just trying to get Saina ready for today as she’ll be on court for a few hours and also in the gym. So a bit of light exercise once we were settled, a good meal, and some soft tissue work to freshen her legs after the long flight. Sleep will be a bit of an issue this first few days, so we’ll also just have to try and ensure sleep hygiene is a focus. Sleep is such an important area that I think most athletes have only recently started to appreciate. Recovery from exercise, both mentally and physically, requires a good sleep schedule. It’s also pretty cold outside, so coming from India (Mumbai was 35 when I left), cardio and active recovery will probably be better appreciated if done inside this week.

A few of the players have been talking about the playing surface this week being notoriously hard, so recovery strategies will have to take that into account. Saina has been doing quite a bit of specific prep for the surface this week, aspects of training she ordinarily wouldn’t have thought about, but as this is her 10th All England, she’s got plenty of experience and was able to tweak a few things for this specific event.

Plan for today is a few hours on court and some light gym work – primarily mobility and activation after the flight. And possibly even some free time to explore a little – my first time in Birmingham.

Keep you posted.

Sports Medicine: Helping Athletes Deliver Their Best

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Athletes often sustain injuries while playing their game or even while exercising. However, you don’t need to be an athlete or even play a sport to sustain a sports wound. When this happens, they are advised to see a Sports Medicine professional for treatment. Sports Medicine professionals are specially trained to restore function to injured patients so they can recover and get back to their fittest and back to the playing field as soon as possible. They also advise professional athletes on how they can prevent injury during their play. While Sports Medicine professionals are mostly known to work with sportspersons who have injuries, they also help avid athletes, marathon runners and sports enthusiasts.

Not many are aware that Sports Medicine is a speciality in itself. This branch of medicine is concerned with physical fitness and treatment of knee, back, leg and shoulder injuries. They specialize in the non-operative treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. 90 percent of all sports injuries do not require surgeries, which is why they are referred to Sports Medicine professionals. These professionals also receive additional training in non-musculoskeletal aspects of sports medicine like concussion, injury prevention, healthy lifestyle promotion and return to play decisions.

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital has dedicated Centre for Sports Medicine which is an internationally recognised centre of excellence that is complete and comprehensive in its services. The advanced surgical and rehabilitation facilities available at our Centre for Sports Medicine ensures that our patients return to their highest capabilities in the shortest possible time. Our state-of-the-art technology that aims to prevent, manage and rehabilitate people with sports injuries comprises of a Gait and Motion Analysis Laboratory, Balance Assessment and Training System, Electrotherapy, Aquatic Treadmill and a whole lot more. Sports Medicine Professionals are ideally suited to provide comprehensive medical care to athletes, sports teams and active individuals who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

India’s badminton star, Saina Nehwal who will be representing the country at the 2018 All England Open will be accompanied by Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital’s Christopher Pedra from the Centre for Sports Medicine who will be assisting Ms. Nehwal maintain her fitness and

Mr. Pedra will be posting Live Updates on our Instagram handle at @kokilabenhospital during his training with Ms .Nehwal and will be sharing his Tour Diaries on our blog! Don’t forget to follow us!

5 Lesser-Known Breast Cancer Symptoms You Ought to Know

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

It is no surprise that the sooner breast cancer is detected, the better the chances there are of curing it. Initially, though, breast cancer doesn’t show evident symptoms. If the lump is too small for you to feel, you may not even notice it. However, over time, if you begin to experience a sharp pain in your breast along with some tenderness, you ought to get it checked.

When it comes to cancer, detection is key. If you detect the disease in its early stages, you have a better chance at survival. If you recognize any of these symptoms, book an appointment with your doctor today!

1. Changes in shape or texture If one of your breast has the lump, chances are that there will be significant changes in the shape or size of the affected breast. For instance, one breast might droop or become larger than the other. If there is puckering of the skin or your breast starts to look red and inflamed, you ought to get it checked.

2. Thickening of the nipple If you are in the habit of checking your breasts regularly, you’ll be able to spot changes quickly. Is one of your nipple or both of them feeling thicker than usual? If yes, you might want to get it investigated. What’s more? Dimpling and itching of the skin shouldn’t be ignored as they are warning signals your body is giving you.

3. Nipple discharge It is true that nipple discharge happens for a variety of reasons and most of the time it is nothing to worry about. However, if the discharge occurs without squeezing the nipple or it happens in one breast and not the other, you need to visit your doctor. If the discharge has blood in it, it’s advisable to seek medical help.

4. Lump in the armpit More often than not, women look for lumps in their breasts. While that is necessary, you should not ignore swelling in or around your collarbone or armpit. Sometimes, these lumps are spotted even before you feel a lump in your breast. It’s worth seeking medical advice as soon as you notice this symptom.

5. Bloating Women tend to bloat easily. And while it is easy to overlook this symptom, if it occurs with weight loss or bleeding, it is a cause of worry. Constant bloating is a definite sign of cancer. Visit your doctor to know the cause of the problem.

Once you’ve successfully detected these symptoms, your doctor will advise you to get a mammogram done. Women of all ages are encouraged to examine their breasts regularly.