So the rain gods have given us a glimpse a few days back….but we are all wait patiently for them to return in full form. Aren’t we? We have had enough of the sweltering summer months. And all we look forward to now are the cool breezy monsoon evenings, walks in drizzles and yes the occasional heavy downpours. Sounds wonderful right?

We have all have some great monsoon memories as kids which we still reminisce. And yes, we have many stories also to share. But what about today’s kids? Somehow kids have a lot of restrictions and a different set of rules to follow then elders. Let’s not be over protective and just follow some basic monsoon care for kids. Let them enjoy the rains, splash the puddles and float paper boats, a great way to reclaim their childhood in this tech savvy times.

We agree that along with the monsoon fun comes contaminated water , cold and fever, infections and the occasional flooding . As children have low immunity levels they are more susceptible to these ailments. But a little care can balance the monsoon fun and the health risks.

Here are a few monsoon friendly tips for kids:

  • The first rains come with air borne viral infections. Increase your child’s immunity with more doses of fruits rich in Vitamin C. Include herbs and spices like garlic, ginger, tulsi, oregano in your daily cooking to enhance the immunity.
  • Home food is the best food in the rains. Outside food is avoidable as it increases chances of stomach pain, diarrhea and even food poisoning. Make your child’s favourite dishes at home.
  • To avoid infections use only boiled drinking water for children. Also, water needs to be boiled the right way, once bubbles appear continue boiling for four minutes at least before switching off the gas.
  • Has your child got drenched in the rains? That’s okay, but make sure it is followed by a hot water bath. A warm cup of turmeric milk or a soup is also very comforting and acts against catching cold.
  • Always ensure that your child’s feet are dry and the socks if soaked must be removed immediately.
  • Prepare for an insect proof home to enjoy the monsoon. Citronella oil, camphor and clove are effective natural remedies for mosquitoes.
  • The rains outside does not mean less fluids inside the body. Children should drink sufficient liquids to stay hydrated even in the monsoons.

So let the rain not dampen your spirits, just a little bit of care and you are rain ready!

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