With winter chills re-entering the city, cases of viral fever and flu seem to have doubled in the past few weeks. Medical dispensaries and clinics are flooded with patients showing symptoms of common cold, flu and viral infection. While the temperature outside keeps fluctuating by the day, it is extremely vital to ensure that your body is equipped to cope with the dramatic climate changes.

Even though you may feel like chilling out & enjoying the pleasant weather, make sure you do not neglect your health in the process. Breeze through this season and keep those winter health woes at bay with these simple tips

Practice good hygiene and get into the habit of washing your hands frequently. This habit could easily prove to be one of the most effective ways of preventing diseases, especially the ones that are contagious. A powerful sneeze or cough sends an aerosol spray that contains millions of virus particles, which remain suspended in the air for a while. People within range of the spray inhale the virus and fall ill after getting infected. Viruses cling to and remain active for several hours on bare hands hence don’t use your hands to cover up your mouth while coughing and sneezing. Instead, use tissues for the same. Also, carry & use a hand sanitizer while visiting public places.

When you feel those first cold symptoms, increase your fluid intake. Drinking plenty of water keeps your system moving so that it can discard what’s not needed. Phlegm can be pushed out of the body only if you are sufficiently hydrated

Take good care of your Immune system. Fill-up your grocery bag with lots of fresh fruits & veggies, especially those that are rich in Vitamin A, C & E. If your immune system is strong enough, it becomes easier to combat many infection & illnesses.

Get plenty of sleep. When you are asleep, the body releases certain chemicals into your system which is known to benefit the immune system. In the absence of adequate sleep, your immune system takes a serious hit, making you more vulnerable to minor ailments like cold & flu.

Seasonal changes have long been associated with sickness. These measures will help you combat bacterial infections and safeguard your health

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