Not many are familiar with the term ‘Lifestyle disease’. The simplest description of this term would be – a disease that is caused due to the health-damaging choices that we make in our day-to-day life.

It is estimated that worldwide, approximately 14.2 million people between the age of 30 to 70 die every year due to Lifestyle diseases. Cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, sleep -disorders, stress obesity and some forms of cancers can be listed under the section of Lifestyle diseases. These tips will help you cut down the risk:

Tip 1 – A wholesome diet is absolutely essential for your health & wellbeing. You have to acknowledge the fact that good health is all about taking charge and doing what’s right for your body.

  • Eat more of green veggies, fresh fruits, calcium & fiber rich foods
  • Switch to whole grain/multi grain flour.
  • Reduce your portion size and eat at regular intervals (every 2 hours)
  • Eliminate or at least try to limit the consumption of oily food
  • Replace junk food with healthy snacks
  • Drink plenty of water

Tip 2 – It is essential to strike a perfect balance between food and physical activity. In order to keep your immune system active and functioning properly, an adult should participate in some or the other form of physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes – 5 days a week. Walking is considered as the best and safest form of exercise for people of all ages. It not only helps you burn calories but also improves your strength, stamina and endurance. Besides this, there are many more ways through which you can incorporate exercise in your daily routine

  • Take the stairs instead of lift & elevators
  • Walk from the bus stop to your home/office
  • Take your dog out for a walk daily
  • Do household chores for at least 30 minutes daily
  • If you have kids at home, play with them and burn some calories
  • Always take a short walk after your meals

Tip 3 – Any kind of addiction, whether it is of alcohol, nicotine or any other form of drug, can ruin your health in the worst way possible.

Did you know…?

1/3rd of deaths caused by heart diseases can be avoided merely by staying away from cigarettes & alcohol. Both, alcohol and nicotine are known to cause severe damage to the blood vessels which automatically doubles the risk of atherosclerosis and blood clotting. By giving up these health damaging habits, you will not only be able to keep lifestyle diseases at bay but also develop higher energy levels, younger looking skin and improved lung capacity.

Tip 4 – Make sure you keep a close watch on your body weight. Extra weight especially near the tummy has been linked with cardiovascular deaths. People who are obese & overweight are also at risk for many more serious health conditions like sleep apnea, diabetes and cancer. Manage your weight by eating low-calorie, fat-free food and incorporate some form of workout in your daily routine.

Tip 5 – Anything in excess is bad for health. High intake of Sugar, Salt, & Oil can lead to serious repercussions in the form of diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems (due to high cholesterol). Cut down the usage of these 3 ingredients in your food

Tip 6 –Take good care of your body – it’s the only place you live in. Periodic health check-ups can offer a thorough analysis of your current health status. Moreover, it also helps in early diagnosis and timely treatment of any kind of illness. Schedule an appointment for a comprehensive health check-up once in every 6 months.

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