It’s not just lack of willpower, or determination, that makes us overeat and gain weight. Sometimes, it’s that sneaky bad habit you developed without even realizing it. Yes, that’s true…

One bad eating habit can trigger a lot of weight gain and increase your risk of developing various illnesses. Here are some of the worst food habits that need immediate transformation:

Eating Restaurant Food

Hectic lifestyle, work pressure and too much of stress in people’s life have compelled them to depend largely on restaurant prepared food. With no time left to cook food at home, many find it easier to order food instead. What they don’t realize is that such food can easily expose them to serious health risks

In case, you have no choice try ordering sandwiches and dosa and insist on using less quality of oil to prepare

Skipping Breakfast

Some people believe that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight. For all you people out there who still believe in this myth, it’s time to get a reality check.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping this meal can result in lower levels of alertness and leave you feeling lethargic and weak throughout the day.

Excessive Intake of Salt & Sugar

There are some people whose taste buds aren’t excited unless they add extra salt to their food. Similarly, people who have a sweet tooth simply can’t resist adding some more sugar to their desserts and drinks. Salt contains sodium which increases blood pressure and causes hypertension. Also, eating too much sodium can trigger water retention, and in some cases dehydration. On the other hand, too much of sugar intake can not only result in excess weight gain but also weaken your body’s immunity and play havoc with the blood sugar levels which could ultimately lead to diabetes.

Rushing through your meals

If you swallow food without chewing it properly, it may create problems in digestion. Eating slowly generates saliva and helps in breaking down the food which ultimately benefits oral health and aids digestion. By taking time to chew your food, you will also be able to appreciate the flavors better

Excessive intake of Caffeinated drinks

Did you know…?

Caffeinated drinks, especially tea & coffee when taken on an empty stomach, leads to the secretion of gastric acid which can trigger ulcers. Drink tea/coffee after eating your breakfast. In fact, if taken at the right time both tea and coffee can be healthy for you.

Eating at Odd Hours

If you exercise regularly but are still unable to lose weight, you may need to keep a tab on your eating habits. Midnight snacking can easily be one of the main reasons of weight gain. . While some people may do this occasionally, for others, it’s a regular nightly occurrence. Night eaters are also highly prone to suffer from depression, low self-esteem and insomnia. To prevent bingeing at night, experts recommend increasing the portion size of breakfast and lunch. This helps spread your calories throughout the day and prevents mindless eating at night.

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