All set to embark on a relaxing journey to your favorite destination?

Make sure you don’t leave your good eating habits behind.

Holiday excitement often overshadows the body’s needs for nourishment, resulting in mindless eating and over indulgence of food & alcohol which could negate all the health improvements that you may have achieved so far.

Why fill up on unhealthy munchies when you can make delicious and healthy food choices?

These diet tips will ensure that you return from your vacation with loads of happy memories and no extra body weight

It is feasible to eat right on a vacation. All you have to do is conduct a proper research on the available food options and local cuisines in that area. If you have a clear picture of all the food items that are easily accessible at your holiday destination, it would be easier to make smart swaps when eating out

Stay hydrated at all times. Throughout the trip, keep a few bottles of water easily accessible and sip once in every few minutes. Lack of water intake could trigger false hunger signals thus making you eat more than you need

Have 1 glass of milk daily.  Milk supplies the body with a host of important nutrients and is also a great pick for satisfying the untimely hunger pangs. Grab a few extra cartons of Milk on your trip but not without checking their expiry dates.

Making smart food choices and monitoring the portion size is extremely important when it comes to eating healthy on a vacation. Restaurants often serve food in a large quantity. The trick is to order for something that is not only healthy but tempts your taste buds and satisfies your hunger at the same time. Salads, soups, stews, milkshakes, smoothies etc. although filling, doesn’t have a negative impact on your body. Also, chew your food properly before gulping. Eating food in a hurry often results in overeating therefore slow down and savor every bite as much as you can.

Enjoy a Dessert but share it with a buddy or family member. This way you can split the calories

Avoid skipping meals. Very often people tend to skip a meal while vacationing which is simply not acceptable as it could lead to a serious amount of binge eating later on at the next meal.

Quit the caffeine dependency. Coffee is served in many different ways across the globe and the temptation to gulp down this ‘pick-me-up’ drink can sometimes be overwhelming especially if all you need is jolt of quick energy while holidaying. Too much of caffeine can sometimes cause irritability and nervousness which is just not what you need on a vacation hence moderation is the key

Limit your alcohol intake. To prevent fatigue and reduce jet lag, be sure to load up on fresh water and juices.

Staying on the right track with healthy eating is attainable when you plan in advance and select food wisely.

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