Have you ever wondered the reason for not losing weight despite following a strict workout regime?

The answer to this question lies in your diet. A person is more likely to feel lethargic and fatigued immediately after a strenuous workout session, if he/she is not following an ideal diet plan.

Here are some pre and post workout diet tips.

Workout Diet Tips


The first rule is to never workout on an empty stomach but this does not mean that you eat anything that tempts your taste buds. What you eat before workout plays a very important role in supplying the body with optimal nourishment, which is why certain food items are labeled as the best pre-workout meals while the others have to be strictly avoided.


An intense, calorie-burning exercise session can do wonders for your body, provided you team it up with appropriate post workout meal. If you are serious about building muscle and losing fat, you need to closely monitor the food that you consume once you complete the workout.

No ‘Soda’ or ‘Energy Drinks’

It has been believed that caffeine is an energy booster for the body. However, some people tend to consume a large dose of energy drinks/soda during or prior to their workout. A high dosage of caffeine in the energy drinks may not be able to get enough sleep during the rest of the day. This may hamper the results of your workout and also take a toll on your overall health.

‘No’ to Fast Food & Fatty Snacks

Post workout, your goal should be to replenish your body’s glycogen and reduce the body fat. Fast foods like pizzas and burgers not only add an extensive amount of fat to the body but also store it in there for longer period of time.

Steer Clear of Heavy Meals

Chicken curry, Pastas, Rice and the likes are best consumed as a main meal. Seasonings and spices in such foods are very likely to trigger heartburn or cause a stomach upset once you start moving. Therefore, avoid heavy meals before your workout; instead opt for a bowl of freshly chopped fruits or oats before hitting the gym.

Steer Clear of Chocolates & Energy Bars

These bars provide you nothing which is required for muscle recovery. The negative impact of these bars is far worse than the instant energy given by them. Replace them with a good quality protein shake.

Avoid Deep-fried Snacks

Any food item that is cooked in oil takes longer for the body to digest—therefore, should be avoided. Potatoes are a rich source of carbohydrates, and can make an excellent pre-workout snack but this doesn’t mean that you can feast on a bowl of French fries before leaving for the gym. Be smart in selecting your pre-workout meals in order to achieve optimal results.

Avoid Salty Snacks

Salty snacks can instantly deplete the levels of potassium in the body which plays an essential role in muscle recovery. A bowl of Upma or Cereal can be a perfect meal after your workout

Make sure that your body is sufficiently hydrated before, after & during the workout session. What you eat before & after workout has a subsequent impact on your body, especially when you are consciously trying to lose weight. A well planned diet not only fuels your fitness regimen but also keeps you healthy by supplying vital nutrients to the body on a daily basis.

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